[ -] (2H Melee) Reaper of Souls - Soulrend-based BH Reaper [c+] [sr]

Btw what do you think about Silver Sentinel instead of DM ? Less armor, but more damage and LA is effective in higher points invested. Also Serenity to cap Bone Harvest and extra point in SH. I know OCD,main skill needs to be caped :smile:

Hmmm. I tried SS long ago when was searching ways to make the build tougher. And I remember now what didn’t suit me: SS has no attack speed as bonus :frowning:
And 160% as without procs for 2h is not fine, imo …

Well without Shard of Beronath most of the damage I assume comes from BH. Also it’s interested to see investment in WPS skills. I have so say it’s smooth approach going for high attack speed from 3pcs Deathmarked.

And secondary approach with SS set, you can used Chillspikes from component with high cast speed, but doubt it will work that well. As whole I said to you befeore, that you are good builder and most of the suggestions will lead to worse situation :smile:

Observing that it’s clearly not a SR performer I’d think about tuning it towards crucible. Attack speed is significantly less important when you’re sitting on multiple options for AoE. If soulrend was to be for auto attacking I think it would have %AS no?

You’ve got a big fat damage stick and a selection of cooldown based abilities to pump it through. Pick the best ones and tack on more %WD procs where you can. While just a sketch, this provides a glance of the differences between deathmarked and rav/sent/frostdread along with some retooled skillpoint allocation and devotions. Between RoS, shadow strike, bone harvest and blade burst you’re not stringing together too many autos. I’d test it but I don’t have any gargoyle belts on hand at the moment.

I have played smth similar in older patch. I used Scourge Strike and BH as main attack. Yeah Soulrend doesn’t have AS, but doesn’t mean you can make with gear auto-attacker :wink:

Looks like a great build, I dusted off my lvl 100 reaper to give something like this a try and I really like it (don’t have all the gear, but I have Soulrend and the rest is reasonably close). A few questions for you:

-Why Hungering Void? You’re converting mostly away from Vit damage so is the +30% crit damage really worth it that much?
-I think I know the answer to this but is the reason for no Rhowan’s Crown because it doesn’t stack with Revenant?
-What are your thoughts on Scourge Strike?
-How do you have so much survivability? I tested this out on my Reaper and although I have a ton of lifesteal I find myself getting hit really hard and killed before I can regen. Do you just have to do hit and run tactics? Also, how do you have 22k hp in crucible? I have a full 10k less than that.

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I can help you with that, since system notifies me about this comment.

  1. Hungering Void gives you attack speed and especially important crit damage
  2. Reaper is mono RR class, only Nightblade have cold RR, so flat from Rhowan is bigger and also still gives damage. Revenant is useful constellation even if you don’t need the RR, speed and racial bonus+Life steal on top.
  3. This build survives courtesy of life steal. Also MoT is nice defensive tool, combined with Shadow Dance and Circle of Slaugher.
  4. In Crucible you should use buffs. There’s health buff, damage buff, resistances buff, and energy,OA and DA buff.
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Yes, Nery has answered completely right above so I can add only some minor things :slight_smile:

  • revenant seems overall more usefull than crown. With crown it may be a bit faster, tho.
  • the build relies completely on lifesteal so fights 99% of the time face to face. Also it’s important to use MoT in diffucult situations and BB as last-save button (and keep them ready). Displasement may be used as a way to separate bosses and gain a brief of relief and upperhand for some sec (mostly it’s enough to kill even a Nemesis/to heal).
  • as for Scourge Strike, see little purpose using it.
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very nice build crazy fun to play,in short perfect optimatization of ger and devo.Now i played it in campaign crucible and sr,and in sr is deffinatly not my cup of tea but i use it mainly in campaign as a farmer and its great fun.

I’m pleased you have a nice time playing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you having any trouble with cold resistant enemies and Kuba?

Also since this build is mostly CDR, what about band of eternal haunt + myth ice and fire as rings?

Hmm. As for rings, I think that Alkamos’ ones (epic/legendary) are BiS here because of their flat damage, bonuses, conversion and proc with damage reduction.
Among the enemies Kuba is the nastiest one but I think it’s a common problem of all cold builds.
Others die pretty fast and without much problems; Zanti is a small issue cuz ve can’t lifesteal him.

The thing with band is the 10% cold RR, wouldn’t that make up the difference? It also soften up something like Kuba abit. Also it can be paired with Ice and fire for that proc of minor lifesteal too. +Chaos resist is also very nice.

The two alkamos rings are indeed BiS for duelwielders due to skill bonuses, but the proc feels lackster. Any pierce conversion i feel gets covered by 10%RR anyway.

As for lifesteal, we already have a huge amount of it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Kuba is not so problematic rather than annoying.
Well, when I have some time, I’ll probably test the mentioned rings too.

Definitely worth a try. I wouldn’t recommand the rings to auto attackers, but CDR people would benifit alot from both of them.

Does this build require casting speed?

Yes, since BH is a cast.

I know it is a cast just it has a cooldown. Then what is benefit from casting speed for skills with cooldown? You can’t cast them faster anyway

You can cast them fast which in turn leads to getting more attacks out in between cooldowns but unless you have a heavy piano going on with lots of cast speed scaled abilities it’s probably not necessary given that you can cancel the backswing of different abilities by starting another.

Cast speed is really important only on channeling and spamming builds. There it directly affects DPS.

But, each spell have own speed. If you play piano build with 100% CS you will look like slow motion. But difference here between 150% and 180% cast speed will be negligible, if there is at all.