[][HC] Immortal Commando - Fire Mortar Commando (c)(sr)(g3/4)

Maybe you are right and the title needs to change. But the build is getting stronger. If you check the SR50 vid, there’s a 7:30 min on the timer before the boss room, while having a -20% damage handicap. It feels really comfortable now in SR60. Gonna try SR+ then :wink:

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Hey Maya,

For a build to qualify for (C+), what’s the criteria? 150-170 naked? 4 blessings? What time limit?
I’ve finally finished leveling the new devotions and am testing Cruci now.

Earlier today did a Calla fight. Was going great, brought him down to about 2-3% life and then some stray desert dog appeared out of nowhere and healed the beast to full life! So mad. Note to self, never start a Calla fight before clearing the entire map of hostile mobs…

c+ is 8 minutes with banner. not trying to be an ass but I don’t think this qualifies.

You can see the full stuff for tags in the compendium under how to submit builds: Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

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Great! So, to qualify for c+ you just need to be under 12 min with 4 blessings and no banner. I’ve just finished it in slightly over 13 min on the first try with 4 blessings only. No potions used of any kind (maybe hit a health tonic a couple times by mistake), and the only reason I had to move away from the center square of the crucible was because Kuba’s pools were healing other mobs slowing down my already slow killing time. I will upload part of this run now and then record a better one to beat the 12 min timer. Keep in mind, I don’t do cruci 150+ normally, so any skilled pilot can probably easily beat 12min. Im a n()()b…

Btw, this might help for your future runs: Ultimate Guide To Crucible Speedrunning - CoD 3b/VB Edition

Thank you. It’s very helpful.

BTW, here’s the first part of the run - https://youtu.be/LabBQpmiYmw
Lost a lot of time, especially in wave 155. Only once saw a health dip below 50%, while standing in Kuba’s pools and being attacked by that trio.

This is the first toon from the dozen I have (fully geared) that can actually farm HC gladiator crucible, for real, safely.


12? I thought it was 8 minutes with banner and 9-10 without. Nowhere in the world does banner make a 4 minute difference!

But I guess the reasoning was to be able to reset your tributes with triple/double runs.

10 charsss

I agree, there’s no way 4buff 12 min build is as good as 3buff 1 banner 8min, the former should had been a condition for c and c- should had been simply finishing 170 no matter the time.

Still it’s too much of a hassle to change that now.

I’ve changed the title to ( c ) and (sr) for now, until [maybe] the build matures to consistently farm Cruci under 12 min and SR 75. My second run took much longer, 16min.

Here’s the full run - https://youtu.be/1QT1obRkgtw

It looks like the build could easily sacrifice some of the sustain towards a more offensive spec and still remain safe.

Added Ravager - 10min - https://youtu.be/zVTY7b-dpVk

Updated for - Mortar trap got nerfed, but I realized that taking the Big One gives it a lot of boost, so the overall damage got higher by at least 30%. This build is now approaching the c+ and sr+ zone. Still more improvements can be made. Stay tuned.

Here’s another troll vid - https://youtu.be/iRzVPOF8mNA

Looking at that vid, I think this build qualifies for Maya’s can-be-played-drunk tag.

Haha, yes! That’s the idea, this is what I call a safe build for HC.

So, you skip the Mortar trap on your newest grimtools, right bro?

If you are gonna do Forcewave, you should perhaps make a new thread since this is no longer Fire MORTAR commando build anymore

Considering how far from everything else it is… @Aikimox I think you’ve got the latest Grimtools link wrong.

Sorry, wrong link! Here’s the correct one. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EbMrjV

The only changes:
Dropped Overguard completely
Dropped Military Conditioning
Dropped a few points both from Flame Touched and Vindictive Flame
Maxed out the Demolitionist mastery
Maxed out the Big One


Added Callagadra - https://youtu.be/T4_8iBYjW3Q

25 min. I don’t recommend taking on Calla in HC without some re-gearing. You would need higher physc resist (+50% overcap on pierce/bleed) and around 3.5-4k armor. I actually dropped some sustain and added another mortar to make this fight more reasonable in terms of kill times, but that forced me to kite and the mortars were missing quite often. It would probably be much better to grab a two piece of the Justice set and add a better shield (25%+ Phys resist).

So, Calla is the only challenge for this build (outside of the crate box which I haven’t tried yet).