[] PATH OF DESTRUCTION - PB Trickster CG 151-170 <6min (c+) (sr+) (g5)

  • Gear: Changed Belt from Coven Vile Gridle to Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard for Chaos to Vitality conversion
  • Gear: Changed Gloves from Embergurads to Valguur’s Touch for more Chaos to Vitality conversion
  • Devotions: Dropped Revenant, Ghoul, Sailor’s Guide, Lotus for Viper, Panther, Scales of Ucama, 2x Obelisk

Here is my PB-Trickster. I’ve made a new Topic, the old one was from game version Build is completly overhauled und can relaxed farm Crucible Gladiator 151-170 and SR75 in under 6 minutes.

Concept is Phantasmal Blades spam with full Demonslayer set. Play offensive to eliminate dangers before they come for you. Stay close to hard enemies for shotgun effect.


59.338 Sheet-DPS x 8 Blades = 474.704 DPS
3.200 OA
139% RR
96% Bonus Crit-Damage


Insane ADCTH (PB/Wendigo Totem/Twin Fang’s)
3.110 DA
22% Dodge/Deflect
2.148 Armor
15k Health
Resistences are overcapped by 25%
Crowd-Resistances are good
7% Physical Res is improvable but Demonslayer’s Guard proc in at 45% (exchange Purified Salt with Seal of Might if you want to go for more surviability)
30% Fumble


Hungering Void, Pneumatic Burst, War Cry and Wendigo Totem



Head, Amulet, Chest, MH: Mythical Demonslayer’s
Ring 1: Mythical Signet of the Fallen … BiS
Ring 2: Mythical Deathlord’s BandVoidheart, Mythical Cursebearer
Off-hand: Mythical Contagion … BiS
Shoulder: Moosilauke’s Pauldrons … BiS
Gloves: Valguur’s Touch … BiS
Pants: Reaper’s Legguards … BiS
Relic: MeditationSalvation
Waist: Lunal’Valgoth’s WaistguardMythical Gridle of Stolen Dreams/Coven Vile Gridle
Greaves: Mythical Boneshatter Treads
Medal: Mythical Solemn MarkMythical Mark of the Forbidden/Mark of Consumption

[] Kra’vall in 7s
[] Ravager of Souls in 1:25min
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-171 in 5:24min
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 in 5:56min
[] SR75
[] Dummy-Kill in 13s
[] Lokarr in 10s
[] Ultimate Mogdrogen in 3:50min

I would be grateful for your Feedback!

Use Coven’s Bane augments for weapon and off-hand. You have no use for flat damage, but more energy regen is always welcome on a pb build. Prismatic Diamond in helmet will be better both for survivability and damage.

Can’t comment on the build, items are a bit unrealistic. I would definitely use Mark of Consumption medal tho.

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Don’t you have like 240% WD at point blank range (336% with a Groble Death Effigy)? Sure, that’s not exactly crazy high – but still, for a caster like this its not terrible either, right?

That just does not scale well at all on transmuted Phantasmal Blades, it has been tested many times. You can test it yourself, just check PB tooltip with 5 flat damage augments and then check it with 5 non-flat damage augments (but with similiar +to %Vitality).

Huh. Interesting, the dps increase from flat boni is indeed fairly negligible…
Does this mean that they are only useful on auto-attack replacer/WPS builds? And if so, what exactly is the difference between the two? Is it the base damage of the weapons? Because the total %WD between them and PB appears to be pretty similar to me on paper :thinking:

Did you account for nerfed frenetic throw in your calcs? WD is tiny for spam PB now. I’ve been maining a PB demonslayer trickster for over a year until I respecced her yesterday and i agree with lee’s suggestions.

Yes, I did take into account the extra 5% WD they cut in the last patch; but even then, 30%WD x8 is still 240 (or 42x8 = 336 in case you use Groble Death Effigy)…

Yet, after a first round of testing (with Effigy!), I also agreed with @mad_lee that going for flat dmg is hardly worth it (the dmg increase of 5 flat vit turned out to be about equal to ~6% vit on my spec). I was just wondering how that comes to be :confused:

Damage bonus to vitality is the same. I have no serious energy issues and Ravager’s Harvest has a bonus to Bleeding Damage, flat Vitality Damage and 250 HP.

Right, Prismatic Diamond is generally better. I had chosen Sanctified Bone because of the damage bonus, Grava’Thul is no problem for this build.

Thank you for your feedback, guys.

A belt augment would be useful. Not sure which one is best.