[] Yugol Spin Witch Hunter

my 1st grimtool build . I was thinking about Vileblade Pact Set very fit with Yugol Relic and Acid/Cold Witch Hunter.

Pros: Moderate Dmg , Reliable RR , OA/DA shreder , Spin2win
Cons: Low HP 14k , low DA , Need manage MP

i try to convert chaos , physical , vitality , pierce dmg to Acid as mush as possible.
gameplay a bit complicate (with my taste) . Cast CoF , Blood pox , hit enemy with Blade Burst (for bonus flat dmg). Then Spin.
Theorictly , cold/acid RR should be enough . Vileblade -18 , Rumor -30 , Manticore -28 , CoF -30
In Crucible , if i has God Buffs , everything ok .Need a bit of kite. But if not , hard to play on 150-170
Dont test Rogue Dungeon yet but i think ok
Any advice , i need more consistent in Crucible , maybe without God Buffs and Flags.

Ps: sorry for my English

DA seems very low. Did yout try going for Yugol/Abominaton devotion route?