[ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr]

So the stacks make the stats in Tenacity of the Boar go up?
1 stack isn’t enough?

1 stack lasts for only 2 secs as I remember so it’s better to have 3-4 of them in order not to use it super-consistently.

how do you solve the attack converted to health? I feel like there is not enough leech to go beyond SR65

I’ve beaten SR75-76 multiple times with this build. You can invest 1-1 points in Wendigo Totem to get some more ADctH or use Seal of Blades. And don’t forget about healing potions.

Hey! Can you tell me what is the tool you use that shows all the informations to the left of your screen please ?


Hi @afanasenkov26

Thank you for sharing you build! It helps me a lot with my first character in Grim Dawn.

While your discussion above is mostly focused on end game, I have some questions regarding leveling and skill priorities.

Currently I am around level 30, playing on normal in campaign mode.

So far I got my Shaman mastery to level 25 and Soldier mastery to level 10 (just to get mobility with Blitz).

I was able to max out Brutal Force (12), Primal Strike (16), Torrent (12), Storm Surge (12).

Aside from that I have single point in every ability from your build.

I wonder if I should prioritize leveling Soldier and getting Field Command plus passives. Or maybe it is better idea to focus on Shaman and maxing out Raging Tempest and Stormcaller’s Pact first.

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your main goal in leveling until lvl 50 is to get Stormcaller’s Pact asap and invest into your main damaging skill.
After getting the Exclusive ability to 12/12 you can proceed to other skills, investing in what you need and step by step maxing all of them.

Thank you for your feedback!

I have managed to respec all points in Soldier and some points in Shaman in order to get Stormcaller’s Pact 6/12. Doing great dmg with this set up.

Similarly, are there any Constalations to be proritized? So far I got Ghoul, Sailor’s Guide and Quill with the plan to go for Kraken asap.

Kraken is very good for any 2h builds. But what’s going to push you builds to the next level is resistances reduction. But since end game and leveling are different terms check out this guide!

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Hi @Nery

Thank you for sharing so detailed guide, it will be very helpful in my road towards Ultimate :slight_smile:.

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Can someone tell me why we are going for hungering void? (fallen god devotion)

I chose Hungering Void for %crit and %as, and due to set’s cdr we have almost 100% uptime of it.
You can go for Ultos instead of it, that doesn’t matter much.

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is the Crit dmg and total speed worth it over % lightning and electrocute?

It’s interesting if you used them both :thinking:

DG 10% speed is essential to 2H attacker but flat damage to Ultos is pretty cool(and sparkling) too. UPDATE: added a lightning-fast 5:49 run made by @Slev1n!


i have tried to copy your build, but i cant reach 200k dps. is that 200k dps included buffs from crucible?

No, it’s with Hungering Void and Savagery stacks active.

I think the relic Absolution is quite better than Honor when climbing higher shards, it gives 100% block chance and block recovery when used.

i see, but i can seem to reach that dps right now. only reach around 100k. tbh i havent copy your build exactly because i lacked certain attachment. Thanks for answering