[] Physical Spin2win EoR Warlord. 150-170, SR 75 viable, no greens

hmmmmm oky well done

EoR should consume energy, for God’s sake it’s a channeling spell. Just try managing FoI non Arcanist build or even Drain Essence :grin: I would say my build have zero problems with sustain. Harp is sufficient.

As for Conduit, I used on purpose other amulet and you can see it doesn’t affect negatively the performance.

@Nery I agree that EoR needs drawbacks. But really? Energy costs, is that the best way of going about it? I think everything in GD has to have opportunity costs, sure, but I find Energy costs to be really bland and simply not representative for the archetype. EoR makes you move slower (it seems? don’t remember if it was confirmed or not), it doesn’t ignore collision meaning you can get surrounded quickly, sometimes it bugs out (I just… stop spinning at the start of the animation and it takes me 1-2 seconds to realize I am not doing any damage), and now I have to drink Elixirs of Spirit like Liza Mineli at a cocktail party while wearing a 1k Energy amulet with Energy regen on top. I remember Krieg DKs complaining about Energy back in the days of AoM, but even they managed to go around the issue with FG items. Why is another melee archetype thrown in this pitfall of downsides?
Moreover, I think nerfing the damage of the skill is not the right nerf. The right nerf would have been to address itemization and make Warborn set weaker. Now because the Physical variant is so good, poor Aether/Chaos EoR has to suffer too…

Some skills should need more energy than others. So called channeling spells are the most energy hungry. But don’t forget Virtue have energy regen. Poor Inquisitor FoI don’t have flat regen and cost is more expensive, so…

As for EoR, three damage types are performing well- physical, fire and lightning.

But physical have -RR in Oathkeeper mastery, it should be beast.

No ring of matriach + combustion band for the -18% RR?

is not like you cant faceroll anything other than SR which is the highest level content with ridiculous rewards.

That said spellbinder AAR is better than any EOR build now. At least safety wise.

never reference sheet dps. Pyran sheet dps is about 50k yet doing 1.5mil + dps from procs and summons…

I can always use them and conduit to cover resistances. But wanted to do different build . Can’t argue with the results :smile:

Wow, all of it? So I guess nothing effectively changed then?

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Why can’t we just admire and enjoy this build without talking about nerfs. Why not buff it instead! Is it so super strong? Can it oneshot bosses? I guess not, so why waste the designers time and energy to pummel a dead equine? Let them focus on developing Grim Dusk instead!


there is no such a thing in grimdawn (oneshoot. op build) not like others arpg because of them , if you post op build they will nerf that build so my advice some one manage to make op build now and i dont think its possible now but iif they do dont post ur build here xD

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This is the kind of idiotic advice that results in games not evolving and improving. And sometimes when things get finalized there is QQ later on why something did not get tweaked…but nothing was ever said due to this paranoid mentality.

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I don’t think it’s sound to hide your build in fear of getting nerfed. There’s no warrant anyway that someone else will not post it or testers/developers will not spot it and nerfed it.

So post your builds here, no matter if they are OP, underpowered, cookie cutters, creative unorthodox or whatever. The point of builds is to show different skills/devotions/items combinations and how they are performing.

I think this is just a backlash due to so many build and set adjusted in hotfixes, which has much faster cycle than the real patch.

People just finished making it or working on it, then when they haven’t enjoyed and played the build to its fullest, the hotfix come, making the performances not meeting up their previous standard and expectation.

Like I said before in the war, (I am much more cool-headed now), I think any readjustment should be in the real patch, which should have a fix cycle (say every 3 or 4 months). Hotfix should just fix the bugs, should have no “balancing” or adjustment.

With this, there will be less surprise and the player base will be much more accepting…


I starting a fresh char to start farming for my really, really squishy infil, so should i build a this warlord or a krieg death knight?

Depends what items you have. This build needs full Warborn set in order to shine.

Where did u craft the Amulet for example? Malmourth for Stun red?

Both Sword and Amulet are crafted with Angrim for extra armor boost.

Thanks dude , farming for this Build atm , and can craft one sword+amulet for example… its better to know before im crafting :stuck_out_tongue:

Cough Path of Exile Cough, Cough Diablo 3 metas Cough

Path of exile balancing kill builds, we bring them in line.

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