[] Indra – Cyclone Shieldbreaker, God of Thunder. Crucible 5:40. [c+] [sr+] [vid] [g3]

Quick [Hotfix] Update

  • The build received a few more nerfs, but is definitely still going strong (6:30 Crucible and below).
  • Due to the loss of some %WD & Ascension uptime (Conduit got hit pretty badly) I strongly recommend to switch Seal of Blades weapon component back to Haunted Steel now (if you haven’t done so already) +adjust armor augments to get pierce res back to 80%+; its Bloodthirster ability is a great way to survive those 4-5 seconds during which Ascension is down.

My first proper build post! Yay!

…which I basically just adapted from x1x1x1x2’s ThermoElectrician Sorcerer. So… thank you, x1, for your last & great parting gift – and sorry for stealing it so shamelessly :sweat_smile:

Indra, God of Thunder


I actually wanted to play a Cyclone SB since the release of FG and even leveled one as my first character in the expansion; but even with a first batch of Demo buffs already on the way, she never held a candle to her mad Archon brothers. Until now, that is:

Grimtools links
(1) [] Recommended defensive setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD6pAa2
(2) [] More agressive version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk80nd2
(3) [] Outdated original build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLpy45V

For it is advised to change your weapon component to Haunted Steel & adjust armor augments to get back the lost pierce res (i.e. like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m2335b42).
Use ‘Bloodthirster’ to survive increased Ascension downtime more easily.

Videos – Crucible
(1) [] https://youtu.be/I15ZLC9wKXw (5:40; done with the aggressive crucible version)
(2) [] https://youtu.be/rb1r_c94BxY (5:34)
(3) [] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIPXUZrdOzg (5:21) (no audio)

Videos – SR:
(1) [] https://youtu.be/Nio2Yq8Qy8Q (75-76 in 8:22)
This SR clear time is pretty crazy; my playstyle in the video is as well, though. I played so recklessly I should have died like three different times (e.g. When facetanking Zantarin’s shotgun blast point blank lol). I also got very lucky with my shard rolls.

But if you play a little more safely, the build can farm SR 76 pretty consistently in ~10-12 mins.

In-game stats (with all buffs & Ascension up):


+crazy AoE
+great single-target dps
+awesome survivability with EoR & AdctH, perma Ascension, Blast Shield & Bloodthirster

-none so far. The build will definitely get nerfed though, so this might change.


Activate Ascension (~1.5 sec downtime with Aeon), then 1x mines, BWC & Canister Bomb (it is important to throw the latter last due to Aeon!), Aether Corruption, then channel EoR. Keep BWC and Canister Bomb on Cooldown. 3x mines for bosses; Bloodthirster (if Haunted Steel is used) mostly for 160/170.

Be a little more conservative with Canister Bomb when appropriate to ensure Aeon hits Ascension (e.g. When Ascension is almost back up).

Gear choices, Skills, Devotions & stuff

  • x1’s fully converted Thermite & Canister Bomb setup for damage. EoR for the meme power.
  • Belt for full aether>lightning conversion,
    • boots for +to mines & everything else they have now (damn those things became good).
    • Amulet for nigh-perma Ascension, resists & some attack speed for EoR.
note on crafting the Conduit (click me)

crafting Conduits for the right combination of affixes can be a pain in the a**; but whilst the prefix is mandatory, pierce/aehter res suffixes can be just as good as the poison one if you change your armor augments (with aether you might have to change the chest component to living armor or sth. though).

  • Pants for DA, DA and… Skill disruption protection.

  • Relic for %atk speed and because this build is starving on skill points.

  • x1’s devotion setup, updated with the changes from ya1 & Shoot2033, because those dudes have mad skillz.

Comparison to the ‘source build’ (i.e. The ThermoElectritian)

One has more %CD, one has EoR.

But honestly, I have no idea how x1’s & my own crucible speedrunning skills match up, so this might be better – or it might be worse. Either way, this one has Cyclone in it. And I like that. :yum:

What changed with version

Click me if curious


  • Mythical Legplates of Valor > Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings

  • Runebound Topaz component (rings) & Tainted Heart (Medal) > Bloodied Crystal

    • Since the Crystals got buffed in the Hotfix, this option gives us more damage, more DA and some very useful Skill Disruption Protection in exchange for a little bit of life.
  • Haunted Steel > Seal of Blades: due to a more refined devotion setup, we can sacrifice a little bit of AdctH for more armor, resists & DA

  • Changed some Augments to optimise resists & stuff; swapped Movement Rune to Rahn’s for more DoT.


  • Moved points from Improve Casing to Blackwater Cocktail and Blast Shield for better damage returns & defense.


  • Exchanged Hound, Scholar’s Light and Fiend for Imp & Bat (conservative setup). Imp gives the damage, Bat survivability.

Possible changes for even more survivability in SR:

Click me if frustrated
  • you can try to use the conservative setup provided in the GT but also swap Seal of Blades for Haunted Steel (again, make sure your augments max your resists if you do this!). Then try to activate Bloodthirster whenever Ascension is about to go out.
  • HOWEVER, a more careful playstile always trumps slight build changes like this when it comes to survival! Try to never fight more than one boss at a time; always keep on the move to avoid ground effects (moving in circles around an enemy is a good option most of the time) and try not to spam your Mines, BWC & Canister all at once (whilst it ensures more dmg is dealt, EoR is your main heal and might be disrupted by this for too long).

Credits to

  • x1x1x1x2, again. Without you, trying this particular setup would have never even crossed my mind.
  • x1 & mad_lee for their feedback.


…is always welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Update 1 (Jul 30th, 2019)

  • added a video of SR 75-76
  • did some testing based on x1’s & mad_lee’s feedback (results in comment section)
  • added a few more points in the Gear & Skill choices section
  • did some proofreading

Update 2 (Aug 4th, 2019)

  • added new video of a Crucible clear (new time: 5:21)
  • added a pros/cons section (not much to say here, though, the build is pretty broken, after all)

Update 3 (Aug 11th, 2019)

  • added new setup, including explanations on new gear & skill choices.
  • changed the OP to better fit the abovementioned version of the build.
  • added pictures of the char & ingame stats.

Damn that’s a lot better than mine. Don’t give all the credit to me :rofl:

Also, you might wanna drop flashbang. More QoL and you don’t lose much. I’d even go as far as trying to drop canister and put it into some stats on flame touched/pov so you can spin more. Just something to try and see if it’s better.

When your first build posted do Crucible in 5.35 !


Gratz on the first https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1EDX7Vbuild! Shouldn’t this combination of gear be better tho? Ye u lose some conversion on canister bomb but you gain more, imo.

Thought it was the 2 pc ulzuin setup you suggested on my thread lol. It’s not just some conversion tho. It’s half of your total and it’s global so it also affects EoR and thermites, not just canister.

We’ll see how cinder reacts tho :slight_smile:

Damn, everybody is good in playing cruci with banner now. I really need to train my cruci run with banner again.

Gratz for the build. I am really happy that the thermite mines change finally hit the mark.

Somebody have tried infernal knight’s thermite mine now?

I will start theorycrafting on sorc when I get home from work. Shieldbreakers can fuck off. I hope spam bwc will still work great with it.

Should be good. I’ve tried infernal knight spam BWC purifier with 26/16 mines and 2x herald of blazing ends. The damage of BWC is quite insane. It needs a bit more oomph on single target damage though and with this thermite mines revamped, I think it can do just that…

EoR is converted by gloves. Additional passive elemental RR might be huge, especially with some skills having half fire/half lightning damage.

is there a guide of how to level i am new btw thanks

Okay, sorry for the long wait for my answers – had to get some sleep first. I just felt like I couldn’t get any proper rest if I don’t post this first yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Dropping Flashbang is probably a great idea – this build already has way to many active skills for a proper EoR build :slight_smile:

About Canister I’m not as sure (I tested specs like this first, before I saw your Electrician sorc) and it only did cruciblie in ~7mins :confused: maxed Hellfire Mine is terrible though, so that might have been part of the problem

Thank you! As you can see in my above GT, I actually tried Empyrion’s Mercy before (but without Canister). And I’ll definitely try some of the more EoR-focused versions of yours and x1s with Canister now; however, Stormheart also converts the majority of our Fiend proc dmg, which pushed this build’s cleartime down like 40 seconds from ~6:20 to ~5:30, which is huge.

:cry: but I like Shieldbreakers…
I kinda wanna try one with IK now though :smiley:

I have a leveling and beginner guide for Shielbreaker

It does use other skills for damage though.

Should be easy to make a 2-handed spin2win shieldbreaker with some faction rings and the faction weapon Blazerush: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p8M6y2

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Sorry, @lan3rd, this is a fairly end-game-focused build post, so I haven’t planned any big sections on levelling yet :confused: I can share some of my own experience of levelling this char, though (which seemed to have worked out ok).

Click me
  • the first few levels I did with Vire’s Might, a little like malawiglenn’s build; however, after I had enough skill points to rush a fully maxed Eye of Reckoning, I actually moved all points to that (because I thought it was a cool skill and I wanted to try it). With a few Augments with energy regeneration/Ectoplasm components, it works very nicely (Good AoE & dmg reduction; but lacks some single-targed dmg).
  • For devotions I went for Fiend (on EoR), then Solael’s Witchblade (on the Guardians/BWC); then I made my way towards Ulzuin’s Torch.**
  • I went for a maxed out Celestial presence right after that; kind of like this.
  • after that I started with Demolitionist & went for a transmuted Blackwater Cocktail & Thermite Mines. When dying became a problem, I put more points into Ascension & Blast Shield.
  • at some point during Elite/Ultimate, you might notice that killing heroes & bosses will become more difficult. I just sat throught that until I could equip my endgame gear, but for anyone else I would probably suggest switching to malawiglenn’s build at that point.
  • last but not least – and this is very important! Follow any general tips for levelling you might find in guides like those of malawiglenn – like using good faction gear, augments, components, items with +to all skills (if you have/find them) etc. etc.

**Since the above build now needs fully levelled lightning devotions, it might be a little more time-efficient to switch to a lightning build (maybe with this weapon? The affixes wouldn’t matter too much I think). Only do this if you feel comfortable with building a char more by yourself. It can be a lot of fun though!

…I totally did a big section on levelling now, didn’t I. :sweat_smile:

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With experience pots, one get the devotions up to high rank pretty quick after a devo-change.

Compared to the time it will take to get the required gear for this build, the time to get the new devotions up to rank is no big deal :wink:

True. But whichever build you pick shouldn’t really be controlled by those factors anwyways, because either way, enjoyment should always outrank efficiency when it comes to beginner builds – at least in my opinion. :slight_smile:

yeah that is true, and at the end of the day I think one should focus on getting the playstyle in place first and not the details. Like does it matter if it is lightning spin2win or fire spin2win? I do aim for all of my beginners builds to be reasonably efficient, e.g. should be able to farm rogue dungeons etc in Ultimate with almost no issues. Killing and surviving is part of the fun too imo ^^

Yeah, that’s definitely the point at which my grand ideal of freedom starts to crumble :stuck_out_tongue:

I am, after all, saying this on a build thread of mine that features 5:30 crucible clear times, too. :smiley:

Ok, here are my results of testing your suggestions, @x1x1x1x2 & mad_lee:

  1. dropping Flashbang is indeed very nice for QoL/dmg in Crucible. In SR I kind of needed the extra CC (died ~twice as much without it; I was playing in a very reckless speedrun-oriented fashion, though, too, so that might have been part of the problem).
  2. Dropping Canister Bomb was not part of my testing (yet), but I focused a little more on its impact during further cruci runs, and its DoT tick whilst spinning seemed to help a lot in boosting overall dps, even (or especially!) against tougher opponents (EoR has some single-target-dps issues, as you might have noticed).
  3. @mad_lee’s Empyrion’s Mercy version (extra skill points in Flame Touched) tested at around ~6mins (with >6min runs probably possible).Unfortunately, EoR by itself seems to still be a very mediocre skill (after playing with it for a while now I would estimate the clear speed of a fully dedicated EoR SB withouth the support of converted mines/Canister Bomb to be only at ~7mins, maybe at 6:30 :frowning:
  4. I think you were right though that full %aether conversion is probably not needed in this build. Since supermaxed Soulfire is fairly important for this build, maybe the a ring slot could be upgraded? :thinking:

tl;dr: EoR is still a meme skill, Zantai please help this build needs a buff

Also: Video of SR is now available (8:22 clear)

thank you som uch i needed just the first skills