[] Obvious Bonemonger, Aether DW Auto-Attacker Oppressor ------ BONUS BUILD: Soullance Aether Proc-Fiesta Bonemonger

This is not a full build guide. I just want to show you guys the performance of oppressor bonemonger when build exactly like the set suggest:

With all permanent buff + Righteous Fervor charges, soul harvest, 2x mindwarp, hungering void, and ascension.
DPS shown is Righteous Fervor.

Cruci performance with 4 buff and no banner as usual:

8:25 clear time.

Build is resilient in cruci, never die, but also quite slow. Not as fast if it’s built as elemental one.
Some note for this bonemonger prescribed by crate:

  • Itemization for elemental especially in FG is very good, especially if you want to go as tri-elemental, your choice will be abundant.
  • Aether bonemonger cannot convert piercing damage from its proc.
  • There are really no damaging aether devo. Spear of the heavens main selling point is its node.
  • Limited RR if you want to go with oppressor. You either need to sacrifice your conversion ring slot, or relic slot in which you will sacrifice res or damage.
  • Mindwarp is still the best overall aether weapon. Other aether melee weapon is honestly subpar.
  • Limited way to proc wake of bones consistently.
  • Smite mod is interesting and quite powerful, but it honestly not enough. To broke free from mindwarp, it honestly should modify Fervor to aether instead.
  • Please give necro a res, anything.
  • Please also lower siphon souls’ CD

Thank you for your attention… :slightly_smiling_face:


Strolling around grimdawn item database to search for aether>vitality conversion, got an idea to convert vitality damage in soullance to aether instead by using bonemonger and the new chain of Ygraad belt.

Just a fun build I made:
Screenshot with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, Hungering Void, and Sitting on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is beronath’s fury

Cruci performance with 4 buff and no banner as usual:

7:55 clear time.

Apostate will always be faster than oppressor in this regard it seems. Build is almost unkillable with abundant amount of life steal, but obviously not a fast killer.


I would advocate for removing OK support from the set completely and giving it to Demolitionist. Would make much more sense. Also, one mod to one wps is not really a support, you can’t build anything strong from that.


Then we would hopefully finally have a good defiler set. Blightlord is really underwhelming for defilers, but then again almost everything is…

Also bonemonger+dreadscorcher purifier maybe?

Edit: Also I agree with @thejabrixone that the set should rather convert RF to aether instead of smite.

Oh and also gj with the build ofc! :smile:

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That I disagree with.


Welp, nvm then, forgot about that build.

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I tried Aether Spellbinder and DK with this set. Have to say despite the conversion, build is better for elemental than aether builds. As for OK support, I agree with Mad Lee about Demo support rather then Oathkeeper. Still I get the idea to support aether version of it.

But RF won’t work most of the time and OK don’t have aether damage, Demo have at least RR.

So good job pushing to the max very limited offensive build!

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When I saw the title I thought you really made it work to your normal standards of below 7 mins bannerless. I could never make this do below 7 mins bannered so I was interested. But no one could save bonemonger oppressor :slight_smile:

Still, congrats for the build!

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@mad_lee: I would like that very much. Support to demo’s thermite mine and give it the same flavor as others, which is -10% elemental RR & -20% aether RR. However other who have made aether oppressor with this build will make riot to crate even though the build will not be good.

If I am the one who’s making the change, I will make it to mod Guardian of Empyrion to -20% elemental RR & -20% aether RR.

@Nery: it is at the similar veins as krieg DK. It’s just soldier has a better general support overall than OK. I tested a krieg oppressor before and this bonemonger fortunately better. Otherwise all the support to OK will be meaningless. Lol.

@x1x1x1x2: I would still make a proper guide if it can do 7:30 unbannered. Sadly it is not. I feel Aether is very weak now. Aether is always signifies with strong nuke skills by arcanist. But it’s only them. Other masteries don’t have that and only have mediocre aether Devo and itemization to support it.

Should’ve asked me first then, because I have tested melee Spellbinder with full Krieg + Mindwarp + Theoden Scepter. It had gazzillion flat damage and was immortal in Crucible, but barely made it in 8:30 minutes. Melee or ranged aether do not work currently.

Last time I check, aether theodin reaper is quite nice though:

It need a green pants to cover resist as necromancer is lacking any though.
Don’t know now with all the changes on cruci.

Oh, forgot that you can combine that Conduit with that helmet and get yourself an Aether Nightblade. That build might still do some damage (I would change that belt and that medal tho for sure). Although if it did 7:25 back then, it might have really rough times now.

I dont really want to change the focus of this thread, but I am curious about your thinking. I don’t see any better belts than that, also medal is just my personal favorite. It helps clearing mobs faster and dealing with multiple nemeses better, which is always lacking in auto-attacker.

What I will update will be fitting hungering void somewhere and patching slow res through other means.

@adoomgod: I made a soullance build!!! :joy::rofl:

Since idk when ill get around to posting it on my thread… Vortex of souls bonemonger apostate can do around 7mins with practice

Apostate? using beronath’s fury then?
It would be really nice if you can update your thread showing the performance of that build, valinov. As I think aether bonemonger and especially vortex of souls is under represented now.

I wonder how much room there is for improvement. But 8:00 minutes is a bit slow for that kind of build. Though times are usually with 1 vanguard banner on the forum, so it’s more or less fine I think.

The rifle is just in a weird place, imo. Vitality range is in a non existent place and maybe crate thought that it can fill it with just this one weapon…

I use it for a proc build and it doesn’t really qualify as good. Though maybe aether is the problem, idk…

I don’t know what to improve either. Ranged option is very limited in skills and mastery support. It’s a bigger problem than we thought, imo.

Well I’m saying imagine you did crucible with a vanguard banner too. What would the time be then? 7:30? I think that’s fine. Not what is currently considered “good” but I think it’s fine enough for the range of performance in GD. I think it’ll still certainly be fun to play in campaign and I plan on actually trying that build out since I like the gun.

Don’t get me wrong though, there’s certainly some room for improvement on that gun or on the broader type of build you mentioned: vitality range.

With Vanguard banner maybe 7 min.

Yeah, The proc is definitely fine. The problem lies in the vitality range archetype and aether itself.

7 minutes? I think that time is fine then. I didn’t watch the video so I didn’t know how much kiting was involved in which case the vanguard banner wouldn’t take as much time off if you still had to kite a bunch. But if you could get 7 minutes I think it’s all fine as is.

Other vitality ranged stuff could prob use work. Corruption of Garbagol >.>