[ -] [DW Ranged] Mortal Reminder - Vitality FS Defiler [c+] [sr+]

No! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re fine homie. I actually had this belief for the longest time until superfluff corrected me with some tests he did.

Interesting question! Honestly, I’ve played DW melee vitality only in AoM and it was a death knight made by @veretragna. In FG I’ve tried by myself making a DW ritualist and it sucked. Others options (except mentioned DK) seem shitty too, and we don’t have much melee vitality 1handers.
So my vote goes to DW Ranged. When I made this defiler and tested it, I was really surprised how good damage and sustain it has. And gameplay is really smooth and pretty safe.

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This is incorrect when it comes to interactions between item modifiers for AA replacers and WPS. Void Rounds becomes full Vitality. Test it out yourself using GrimInternals to see the damage type. I just tested again and without Temper, ES or Brimstone, using the Conduit with Void Rounds you do only Vitality Damage per GI.

I demonstrated this interaction between Item Modifiers and WPS with my Fire & Cold Iskandra’s Elemancer using the N&O set to convert the Chaos on VR to Cold. You can see my in-game tooltip damage breakdown in the link below to my guide. I tested it in another thread, but the link is broken from the old forum.

This is not the case with secondary skills like Soulfire, Explosive Strike or Brimstone, but WPS skills are different.

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Just gonna tag @superfluff in this because I don’t want to spread more misinformation than I may already have.

In which case, sorry to everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Like UPDATE: Build is still fine, clears 75-76 without many issues.
Video below. Also added new GT.

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UPDATE: added new Crucible video with 6:19 result! It will be shown in the build section. Also updated Lokarr’s video.


UPDATE: added video of Avatar’s kill. Also tried Ravager and Crate but was too unlucky.

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great build!

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this build still viable? also any tips for lvling up?

Have you considered using the Korvaak’s Brand medal? It would give you +3 to static strike but you’d lose +2 to VF, and I don’t know how important those VF points are for you, but it might be worth checking out.

Yes, still viable. Lvling - through BWC/RE/skellies.

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I tried different gear specs but this one appeared to be the best.

i must be missing something here, what actually converts the frostburn on the gloves into vitality?

Corruption of Gargabol https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11231 has “100% Elemental Damage converted to Vitality Damage to Flame Touched,” so when you have Flame Touched toggled on, you get this global conversion.

Gargabol corruptions got reworked LET’S UPDATE THIS

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yes, videos will be soon!

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Yup, finally some decent attack speed with this build. :+1:

Interested to see if you have any changes to it @afanasenkov26

The only change I’ve made so far is just taking Thermites for 1 point. The changes to pistols did their job so the build is much stronger now.

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I made a version during testing that was a beast… 22 fs 22 brimstone and added flat from olkaloth helm… Used new mythical gunslinger jacket and new plaguis medal for even more flat to harbinger

Thanks for build

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