[]Controlling the Wrath of Nature - Cyclone Druid (c+)

Doesn’t twin fangs bound to storm totem not heal the player?

It heals…
Otherwise all of my vindicator and druid cannot survive…

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I was under the impression that summons using twin fangs would apply the heal to themself and not the player. Did I read a myth or is storm totem an exception?

Storm totem is a player based pet, not a pet one If it was applied to a pet based pet it would probably heal the pets.

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Exactly this. Player scaled pets heal the player, pet scaled pets heal themselves afaik.

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i asked a similar question recently, and did some testing myself - can confirm that twin fangs will heal the when bound to player scaled pets

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Huh, cool. Thanks everybody!!

I could swear I read somewhere that putting twin fangs on player scaled pets like wendigo totem was problematic… Guess that was wrong! :rage: I’m glad I won’t be propagating that myth in future. Probably reason 1000 to stay away from the subreddit.

was this recent? if yes, it might’ve been me :stuck_out_tongue:

because i did create that thread

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I did see this thread, but nah, I have thought this for a very long time and wendigo totem was the specific example player scaling pet mentioned. You get off this time! Thank you for addressing accountability though :blush::blush:

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Those guys probably concluded wrong cause they used wendigo fucking totem in the tests. Wendigo totem is shit at proccing devotions and even then if it does proc bat, it also heals you with its own skill at the same time, making it hard to notice.

why is it bad at proccing devotions?

Only 1 attack per second and attacks from individual totems don’t stack, similar to wind devil. And it doesn’t have any other attack like maelstrom and they aren’t mobile either like blade spirits.

hmm…would this mean that thermite mines are crap at proccing devotions as well?

what happens if i tossed 2 sets of thermite mines in 2 separate lcoations, and enemies step on them silmultaneously?

Thermite mine is wonderful for proccing. I always bind fissure to it if I can.

can you rely on mines for rr procs?

Mines no cooldown, can place more, longer range to put them down at, seems different and better to me than wendigo for devo procs.

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If fissure can, Eldritch fire or rumor should not be an exceptions.

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thanks for that guys!

still learning new things about this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Mines is different cause the aoe is huge and you can even put 2 sets in different directions. It’s good at proccing.

It fires on the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th second. I’m curious if/how the “lives for 20 seconds” modifier affects that.