[] Emperor's Archmage: All Content Viable, 6m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Easy to Gear Sorceress [c+][sr+][vid][g3]

Nice! So none of the new gear or devotions is worth it for this build?

Hi Mad, my Sorc is reaching 100 soon, but as usual, I am lacking the weapon. What would work as a substitute (epic or green with certain affixes) in the meantime?

Herald of Blazing Ends, Alladrah’s Spellblade (all mythical legendaries). Or some blue dagger/scepter/mace/sword with enough fire and burn and relevant stats.

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I have the Herald. Do I go for the highest DPS number in Part 2 of the character stats? I have a large number of greens with pure fire/elemental damage and physical converted to fire. TIA!

Just use Herald for now and wait/trade for dagger from the original setup. DPS numbers on character sheet do not reflect this build performance in the slightest.

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[] Update

Reworked the build completely. Build is still a tanky caster, but damage output went thru the roof compared to the previous iteration. Unfortunately, Cataclysm set and Warpfire had to go.

Added videos of 5:59 Crucible run and couple of John Smith’s runs in Shattered Realm.


All right, managed 5:46 run, added to the op.

I just want a top tier burn build that is a sorc. Am i in the right thread? Are sorcs best in class in terms of burns?

the best are Shieldbreakers, but Sorcs are second best (together with Purifiers). This is a one mighty sorc.

2nd best? i always feel sad playing second fiddle all the time. Why cant vanilla classes beat expac classes? the balancing really bothers me sometimes. Sigh.

Don’t worry. Sorc is much more versatile and tanky. So while Shieldbreakers excel in damage department (naturally, because of double RR), Sorc are usually more well-rounded and tankier chars. For example this Sorc breezes thru Shards 75-76 while Shieldbreaker I made struggles there A LOT.

So not really a second fiddle, just a bit of a different archetype.

thats comforting. I will just “farm” to get the best rolls possible for all the items to compensate for the damage gap. Thanks

i just wanted to ask if this is a fire/burn focused build why its using star pact and not reckless power???

Hi! Because the benefits of Cooldown reduction (the most powerful stat in the game) outweigh %damage. You are speeding up all your abilities and all the devotion procs.

Hi, I’m currently playing a sorcerer and shooting towards this build, does it still remain the same after the 1.1.6 patch?

Hi, yes, you might want to shuffle some resist augments because some of the items were buffed with new resists and/or use Light’s Oath instead of Entropic Coil, and I think Scaled Hide is slightly better there but overall I would leave it as it is.

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Hi, since the latest nerfs to the infernal knight helmet, and part of the increased radius to thermite mines was transferred to the base skill in 1.1.7, I’m thinking about going back to Mask of Infernal Truth for the +2 to canister bomb, or going 3 pieces Justice set, what do you think?

that would be an entirely different build then. If you want a real easy cookie cutter go for three piece Ulzuin + Eternal Shard amulet + Aldanar off-hand + green monster infrequent mace for Canister Bomb.

What do you mean by entirely different build? I don’t want to center around Canister Bomb, but since this build also maxes it I was wondering if there were better alternatives to Infernal Knight helmet since it’s been nerfed twice in a row, that’s all.

I would still stick with IK helmet. Radius mods are pretty valuable. Damage mods nerfs are insignificant.

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