[] Melee DW Deathmark Cold WPS Infiltrator (vid)(sr+)

Yup. Undying oath is definitely better here. Nice build btw!

Oh, that’s true, I made myself silly, i’m sorry. I always confused Pneumatic Burst with Amarasta’s blade burst. Anyway 34~40 flat vs 146 OA with 12% slow/stun res. Depends on personal taste, for me I chose later one.

It’s ok to make mistakes, I still make silly mistakes when making builds. My advice: just look up successful Deathmarked builds - they have been done many times. There is also tonns of info on this forum about basic mechanics too. Good luck, I am out.

SR is not used for thorough testing because every run is different. You cannot time runs so you can’t really see how strong your build is, you can only see how strong it feels at the moment. Or open the char sheet and see how you like the stats. You can’t see exactly how they affect the clear times because there are no clear times.

Crucible buffs, if colorful, are a constant. Build performance is always the same. Bad build will be bad with crucible buffs in crucible environment ALWAYS. In SR however, a bad build can easily produce a record of a great run because that game mode is largely deprived of constants. And btw I play SR, too. I’m not an SR hater who never even tried it. Which seems to be the case with you when crucible is the subject

Dummy tests are not stupid. The fact that AQC wasn’t worth it on non-Deathmarked was established through dummy tests. They can’t show you overall performance but are best for figuring out how little changes affect your single target dmg.

Practical stuff:

If you insist on Yugol, for the needed oa bump Shadow Queen is better than Calamitous, anyway. Craftable, too. EDIT: Actually, when I look at it again, Calamitous is not so stupid here when oa bump is the goal… It has +%DoT which Shadow Queen is missing.

I overlooked it but it’s a kind of a big deal - not using RoS in a build aimed at SR. It’s gives you another roll (23% fumble at 4/12 second node) for all melee attacks to miss. That’s on top of your regular dodge from Shadow Dance. My probability theory is rusty but Shadow Dance at 12/12 + Barbaros pants + RoS second node 4/12 [+ good da] = almost [or more than] every second melee attack misses.

Thanks, this time I mean it.
I understood crucible with buffs is constant, so run crucible via time cost. Personally, it’s about how good damage the build got and how good the people pilot the build. Rely on those colorful buffs, at least surviving is no longer a main concern.

Putting a build into SR 75+, which needs not only good damage output but also strong enough self surviving abilities. higher CC res, higher basic res caps, higher max health, etc will always be main concerns for the build.
Keep it in short. same build with buffs in crucible is able to face tank Anasteria and other bosses at the same time, but in SR 75+ its never gonna happen, even always being one shot by various bosses.

I don’t know how people value a build is good or not. For me a good build must be capable for running(solo) SR 75 76 that is never let the timer go to 0, even with possible 10~20 secs longer for crucible runs.

Fumble only works for melee attacks. Currently this char never be defeated by any melee bosses if 1 on 1. Having another active skill that deals fewer damage than auto-attack could be dangerous sometimes. Anyway for my cold trickster with Korba’s Fury set RoS I maxed with 26/26, it deals better damage also provide extra surviving possibilities for melee attack bosses.

Again, thanks a lot, Piercing infiltrator with Belgothian set is way better than this cold one for SR75+, the highest shard I made with it is 97 in . This build is just for testing if cold may ever be good as other types for SR75+. It turns out still need buffs from crate.

Btw, I don’t hate crucible, I have a few builds that runs crucible under 6 minutes too. I played them for fun when I was tired with SR 75+. It’s fun to see the bosses one shot me in SR 75, and suddenly being one shot by me in crucible.

How does cold infiltrator compare with pierce belgo? Ive been playing with pierce belgo for a while and the RR is great on it but damage wise im just not feeling it especially aoe clear and bosses.

With dual wield melee builds putting out the most %WD in the game it’s something of a trivial matter to attain sufficient ADCTH throughput to manage sustain issues. Thus the question of SR durability falls to burst mitigation and that means physical damage. Others have already covered the questionable gearing and devotion choices, I’m just curious what manner of belgothian infiltrator this is being compared to. Censure +33% phys res mathematically outperforms whatever assortment of physical resist you’re going to manage on a pierce build short of wasting slots on things like formidable stoneplate greaves (to say nothing of wasted affixes here). Again, without a grimtools link there’s minimal substance to claims of “belgo infil is better for SR”.

And on the topic of greens we haven’t even reached chillstrifes yet.

Which Belgo spec are you playing? I will shamelessly plug mine, because they are absolutely disgusting in terms of damage.

2400 cunning Pierce blgothian infiltrator, best damage monster I have ever played in this game.

Ive been using ur infiltrator spec actually just swapped to reaver’s since the notched bone nerf.

I was curious which are better, cold or pierce for duelwield.

For piercing infiltrator, make cunning as high as possible. Bull constellation is your best friend. Of course, if you use GD stash, craft Cut throat prefix and Dranghoul suffix for all jewelries and belt. For armor you wanna use prefix and suffix that has +x% cunning too, such as Seraphim. And that’s it. have fun :slight_smile:

I’d say pierce got ahead. Cold was nerfed everywhere. Like every-fucking-where. Starting from Rumor, Ultos, and before that Amatok and DG, through just about every piece of gear and ending at LA, Anatomy of Murder, etc.

Pierce Belgothian Blademaster has highest damage output, even in non-green spec. For consistency Deathmarked Infiltrator is better of course.

You should try my Valdun build then, it’s pretty close.

I tried as soon as patch released( slightly before your new post), anyway Valdun got buffed and using Fire-strike with ranged build I had a lot of fun, but I prefer piercing infiltrator as it is able to hunt every single boss under 5 secs in SR 75 :slight_smile:

That hardly tells me anything compared to a grimtools. The question wasn’t about vague suggestions on gearing, it was about what exact pierce infiltrator this is being compared to.

Well, Both of them are offensive DW builds and used GD stash.
Piercing is better because:

  • Generally bosses had less resistant, even though piercing RR generally less than cold.
  • Easily stack cunning over 2100. Thus tons of piercing damage bonuses and OA.
  • Having about 1.5~ 2 times flat damage than cold because of green affixes.
  • ~800 armor and 15% physical res ahead. Alkamos ring set much worse than these:

    plus, cut throat and Dranghoul, you may use in amulet, medal and belt as well.

Sorry for the grimtool links, I don’t wanna be blamed for possible future nerfs. Finally, mad lee’s no green version is OP already.

So we’ve just got a suboptimaly setup deathmarked infiltrator to compare to a hypothetical belgo infiltrator? Doesn’t seem like much of a foundation for a discussion.

The table I listed above has compared with ALL DW cold infiltrators.(including the one you preferred with dual chillstrifes).

I suppose it’s only fair you bring up assumptions on my preference of infiltrators when that’s all we have to go on for this hypothetical pierce build. I merely stated the topic of chillstrifes hasn’t been explored in context. Now if you want to nail down a concrete build on such a thing we’d have a talking point.

Video is up, period.