[] 🌀 [Pet] Carmen Electra - Conjurer - Vitality Beastcaller


Smooth (Music)

:zap: Grimtools :zap:


Beastcaller3 Beastcaller4

Shattered Realm 75 Full Pass

Shattered Realm 78 Boss Pass

Questions and Answers

Q: What about Crucible?
A: Crucible is more like a tv-show. Shattered Realm is more like a real life: unjust, random and merciless

Q: What about campaign’s bosses?
A: Build can kill all Nemesis :zantai:

Q: Does this build fear any foe?
A: No :crate:

Q: Why the Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools?
A: Because items have been crafted for Stun Res

Q: What Changes were made to the build in the last patch?
A: The answer is in the second post of this trhead

Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community


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:zap: Information :zap:

Don’t use Blood Rite from Mythical Blood Orb of Ch’thon - this Off-Hand is only for skills

If you don’t have Mythical Blood Orb of Ch’thon you can take Cataclysm’s Eye instead

great build.
I think Dying god + Mogdrogen will more fast to kill everything. and ground slam change to wendigo totem also will more safe
and Primal instinct 5 swarm have high damage, maybe more better

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But not save on SR+ the same I don’t take Primal Instinct
If you meet Kaisan & Aleksander together - they can easy kill pets ONESHOT!

for 76 farm, sure is safe, and put 2 mender’s power for rings ,Alek is hard to kill PET. and with wendigo totem ur PET (RR 80) almost no death.
Based on my experience wendigo totem better than Tree of life
check this video for wendigo PET and pulling Nemisis Wendigo for PET

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Pets don’t use player stats. That includes conversion. Blood Rite doesn’t do anything for the build except leeching your health. It’s a self buff, not an aura.

Also, why Restless remains on the gloves?

Did you read the 2-d post this thread?

No. But like you said, Cataclysm. It’s got stun res.

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