[] Shieldbreaker from A to Z, including end game, budget build+leveling guide


Shieldbreaker (Oathkeeper+Demolitionist) is one of the new classes in the Forgotten Gods expansion. It’s excellent of supporting fire damage and to some level lightning. You can pick your options in term of style too, with caster being the best option but you can go DW melee, tank, or even ranged. So my idea is to create a guide, which can satisfy every player’s desires. I will start backwards with the end game build first, since I haven’t level fully my build from the bottom.


Main Build


  • permanent buffs+Ascension , GT version is slightly different. DPS for EoR

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl64KbN

That’s typical fire EoR Shieldbreaker. It’s really similar to Mad Lee’s Paladin.

Build can dual wield through the medal. DW Daggers can convert practically all the Eye of the Reckoning’s damage into pure fire. Justicar set is being used but helmet is better since it helps with the energy regen. Also boost Ascension and Flamed Touched. Relic is Serenity, great defensive choice, also +1 to all classes.

From skills, you need maxed EoR and Soulfire. Decided to put as many points as possible in RR sources.


Put Termite mines on ground, debuff with flashbang and Spin2Win!


Build can beat Gladiator 3 times, provide you don’t die. As whole most of the waves are easy, except 170 can be pain. Also be careful with ground damage and disruption pools! Times are from 7 minutes and above in my playing but I didn’t really test it out thoroughly.

Budget Build


  • permanent buffs, DPS for EoR

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m6aqDV

That’s the budget build of the fire EoR. It uses Blazerush 2h weapon, faction bought recipe. Also no random legendary items here. Everything can be farmed or bought from factions.


Basically EoR needs to be used all the time, with minimal interruption, it scales with attack speed. Main source of damage are it’s nodes+ % fire damage. Budget build don’t have the conversion of the DW build.

Vire’s might is for mobility, also procs well devotions. Flashbang is debuff skill, Mines for RR. Ascension is key defensively, it boosts quite the damage and absorb.


  • Faction items are: Rings, Medal, Chest, Shoulders, Weapon(recipe), relic(blueprint)

  • Random blues are gloves+boots. Gloves replacement is random crafted greens with attack speed. Boots can be crafted Stoneplate.

  • MI greens: Pants and Belt. NOTE: If you don’t have stun resistance source, farm the Demolitionist green belt, with +1 skills and built in stun.

  • Others; Blue is crafted low level item, mask is guaranteed drop in Ultimate.

If you click on item in Grim Tools, you can gather more information. In database there’s even info where MI items can drop. Ofc if you have better legendary item, use it!


They are little different than the DW version, cause you need more stats, cause budget version lacks the amount of DA and OA you can get. Also for any 2h build, Kraken is must. Decided to go with Dying God. Path to devotions:

2.Bat,remove green
7.Solael’s Witchblade
8.Magi,remove Candle
10.Sailor’s Guide
13.Dying God to the proc

Here’s video with demo with the play style. Sorry about the lag :sweat_smile:

Leveling Guide

My idea is to level the build with Stun Jacks with Quick Jacks modifier-Quick Jacks. It deal lot of damage both against single target and against multiple enemies in short distance. It scales with cast speed. I suggest not to rush with switching to EoR, since you will not have much gear with bonuses nor will have enough devotion points to take the much needed constellations. In progress :building_construction:


GT for level 10 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo6099V

GT for level 20 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JpmE7Z

NOTE switch difficulty in upper left corner.

Start with Demo mastery. Put skill points until you can afford to take Stun jacks and transmutor-quick jacks. Put 1 point in the passive skills. Stun Jacks is energy hungry skill. You need off hand with energy regen. Later you have to use Presence of Virtue. Also components help with energy sustain, especially Ectoplasm. Normally you want points in physique, here you can put few in spirit. With iron you receive, buy energy potions .If you can’t control the energy, you can remove few points from the spirit guide. At level 10 select OK. Put points in Virtue and push the mastery up to Vire’s Might. It will help you with travelling faster and will get you out of tough situations. Investing more points in Stun Jacks will result in big damage. At level 15-20 you will start to feel the power. I killed Warden Krieg’s each form in 3-4 seconds :smile:

Gear: Look for big aetherials eye enemies. They drop this beautiful off hand with Stun Jacks modifier. Also you can start putting components.

Devotions: Start with Bat, put it on Stun Jacks. Later start Quill.


GT for level 40 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWOvk7V

Now push Demo mastery until you can reach termite mines. Put 10 points in it and few in Blast Shield, that’s top priority. If you can sustain Jacks, max them. Then put more points in OK mastery. Investing in mastery bar early levels is beneficiary since you get nice stats.

Gear: You can lie in Lost Elder quest to get free relic. Also you can craft greens with Angrim/Duncan. Also you can drop nice blues like my pants. More components are available to be used.

Devotions: Finish Quill, put purple point and take elemental storm, bind it to Mines. Storm is nice boost to your damage. Also provides RR.

40-60 and EoR transition

I decided to stick a little more with Stun Jacks, since they deal quite the single target damage. Slowly bring myself to the end of Oathkeeper mastery.

So When to switch?

I would say around 55-60, cause then you can max Celestial presence for - fire RR and also Divine mandate. Here’s my GT for level 50 with Stun jacks. :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MnjkbV

For 60 with EoR :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1mdQLV

As you see complete change of scenery. You can remove the skill points from Spirit guide, either in Devil’s Crossing or Coven. Then use the purple potion to reset devotions. You need fire ones, since without specific gear fire EoR is better. You can also use Shield+Board, but I decided to roll with 2h weapon. Since I didn’t have better, used Solar Sledge from Homestead reputation.

Skills: Put points in EoR and Soulfire, if you can’t sustain the energy, remove few. Next task to max Divine Mandate and Celestial Presence. If you are dying, put more points in Blast Shield, Ascension and similar stuff.

Devotions: Start more or less the budget build map. Solael for -fire RR, also Ghoul since this build have Weapon Damage. Also until one can get Revenant, usage of Elemental Storm for flat RR.

Note that my Attack Speed is low, that’s screwing my damage.


GT for 80 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxlbPJV

Upgraded my weapon to Elite Solar Sledge. Also maxed blast shield and Ascension.

Devotions: Kraken for any 2h builds is God. Also took Magi. And start to work my way into Ulzuin. You can substitute at this point if you like Elemental Storm with Revenant.


Look the budget build for reference. You can start to equip the listed items. Hope if works for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very solid end game build indeed. Have you checked it in SR or cruci environment?

BTW, I recommend to use internal Knight’s girdle and siphon some points from VF to transmuted BWC. It’s really good as a support skill and should make the build even faster and safer.

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You think BwC is worth to interrupt EoR? I have tried it 3 times, died once and 2 completed, better times was 7:05.

Yes, it clear mobs faster which means less debuff to your character. Also it gives you more effective DA.

You wouldnt happen to have any budget, throw bombs and what not budget build? Mortar (mines you have) BwC and so on?
Im leveling a SB and im tired of aegis and dont want to skate either.

Maybe will do in future but am yet to do it. The thing is most skills like Mortar or Canister works well only with end game gear. So cheap setup will likely sucks. I used EoR cause it have low requirements in order to work.

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Yeah i think i should revert to EoR. Playing mines and aegis. But aegis deals so little damage i dont feel its worth it.

Aegis is at awful state. Even full Virtue set is mediocre. I suggest to use EoR or to have caster if you have items with skill bonuses/modifers to spells like Canister or Mortar. Mortar is currently one of the better skills in the game.

Btw I couldn’t level this build for some time(unrelated problems) but will update it later today.

Would mortar on commando be a bit more tanky? I feel squishy. Or do mortar work best on shieldbreaker?

I have tried it on Sorceress, very good spec. Also Purifiers are inherently more tanky with Seal+Censure combo. Shieldbreaker of course deals the most damage. But mortars can be dangerous defensively since they don’t have weapon damage and can’t life steal back there damage. Also they miss often if you kite. So you need to stay stationary more or less. Having Stormfire as spamming skill and Bat+Ghoul combo helps with sustain to some level.

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Finished the guide. Actually lots of things prevent me from doing it previous weeks :sweat_smile:

GT link for level 10 and 20 are the same.
GT link for lvl 80 is a link for lvl 60.
Devotions: What’s Candle and Tower? Can’t find them.
Kinda lost around 45 level since I got all the devotions you put in GT and after that you switched everything to EoR (and you recommended to change for EoR at 55-60 lvl, so no devotions for like 10 levels).

Also which stats to prioritize in items? I guess for Stun Jack mostly lightning-electro damage and casting speed (and maxing resists ofc). After that when I switch to EoR should I prioritize Fire and Burn damage and attack speed or something else?

Sorry for stupid questions but it’s my first playthrough and I’m following this build.

My guide can be little confusing, sorry :sweat_smile:

Thanks for pointing the wrong GT links, check them now, should be corrected.

Stun jacks is just efficient way for leveling but it’s not must. IF you level with it, you need to prioritize %lightning or elemental damage, but mostly resistances and core stats like DA, OA, health. Quick Jacks also are scaled with cast speed. EoR is scaled with attack speed and also fire damage, you are right.

Devotions: if you play long time with jacks, you can choose typical lightning devotions, Widow for example for - RR.

Tower is Solemn Watcher, Candle is Scholar’s Light if your game is in English.

PS, Welcome to the forum, hope you’ll like it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Great build and guide. I had a quick question, in the grim tools build calculator it shows you have 450 spirit. How are you able to wear the two daggers that require 460 spirit? I’m losing my mind trying to figure it out. Thanks again.

Thanks for your comment!

Now this is a good question! I know that GT shows average values only, so my build can have higher spirit in game compared to GT link. Like item granting 3% on average can roll 2-4% for example. Or it’s something else I forgot. :sweat:

Working on a build similar to your budget version. Hope you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

No problems, love to see more beginners builds posted!

Since the build has a decent RR pool and since this is not a cyclone-based build, did you consider keeping thermite mines on 10/16 and invest the saved points to softcapping Ulzuin’s Wrath and rest 2 points to Searing Light? With your 100% conversion of lightning to fire, 12/12 Ulzuin’s Wrath is very good for damage and survivability (thanks to embedded ADCtH). And, since your have a first type RR on flashbang thanks to conduit, why not to drop revenant for order crossroad plus phoenix?

Well from what I can see, none of the gear offers +spirit, except for Seal of Annihilation component (+20 Spirit). So many instead of 12 attribute points in spirit, you put in 14 (like i had to do), or maybe you increased the Demolitionist skill tree past 38 ? Idk LOL. Because the screenshot you have at the beginning of the post has higher stats to physique as well. Anyways, great build!

Wait if it’s end game version, I have explanation: Check relic crafted bonus, it gives % physique, cunning and spirit. They can roll higher stats :slightly_smiling_face: