[] The Big Bad: 6:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170/SR 65 no greens 2h-melee Witchblade [c+][sr][vid]

i will thanks

really really nice build mate

please answer me:

is this build almost as strong or maybe even stronger than the one from john?
can u kill modrogen and ravagar with it?
and how is the leveling expierence?

would really like to know these things =) <3

So I think that for Crucible clears this build might be just a little bit faster because of huge AOE it naturally has. But it doesn’t really matter because both builds can’t go below 6 minutes which means it’s still going to be 3 runs during a duration of 3 blessings with one banner.

John’s build is naturally tougher and can handle Shards 75+ much better (because it has Oathkeeper in it and huge leeching wps and life resist reduction and better items synergy, etc.). So it really comes down to your personal preference. If you are set on farming Shards 75+ with a two-hander, John’s build is a way to go. If you are fine with farming Shards 65-66 and Cruicble - it’s a matter of personal preference and a playstyle choice: this build doesn’t need any ramp up like Savagery builds do, but you do need to cast Curse of Frailty from time to time. John’s build has passive RR but does have two auto-attacks one of which is used just for self-buff. My build has better aoe, John’s build got less aoe but better single target damage. Both builds don’t have any mana problems and perform great without green items.

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wow, thanks for this detailed answer

i will definetly go with your build then, mainly because i prefer to only have one default attack

thanks so much again! =)

Also for noobs of this genre like me i would be nice to know, how u level up

like whick skills to first etc ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You need the gear too, if you need a starting completely fresh witchblade guide - I can recommend that you simply start with forcewave Collection of my Beginner Friendly builds have a look at either the Death Knight or Warlord forcewave build guides I made there and start with just to focus on the soldier skills. Add CoF and Blood of Dreeg + modifier as you go along. Start farm rogue-likes on ultimate and challenger crucible and elite SR. Then when you have found enough items to make similar build as the one in this thread, you can try to switch to blade arc. Remember the power of set transmutation to get the entire bloodrager set (especially if you drop helm BP, you can start to craft multiples of it and just transmute)

@mad_lee congrat on another great purple/blue 2H melee build! #M2HGA


thank you!

Added 10 seconds Mad Queen kill video to the op. Not the most glorious single target damage obviously. And by the way, because this is a 2-hander (so less hits and less sustain then with dual-wielders) MQ in Main Campaign can kill you if she’s having a bad day.

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decided to test this after the patch. Bigger damage numbers but Crucible 150-170 timer is still the same. Added a video. I heroically die on wave 170 there after taking Grava and Korvak with me and for some reason running sideways with noone to leech from.

Gave the build a final polish with the new jewellery augments. Decided to drop 60OA and Bysmiel’s physical weapon augment in favour of Coven’s physical/hp augment. OA loss is negligible based on my tests but gain in tankiness with extra 20% elemental resist overcap and 1500 hp is quite palpable.

Uploaded new grimtools, updated screenshots and added a video of my 6:32 Crucible 150-170 run with the updated spec.

So all in all patch was good for 2h BA spam

you bet it, 15% weapon damage and I gained 3% physical resist from Kraken. With new augments build feels tougher. Proper elemental overcaps now too, that Arcanum Dust augment is bees knees.

But I didn’t really like the %dmg nerf on Kraken. 2h builds outside Stormreaver don’t really threaten the balance in terms of dmg.

So someone at Reddit wrote to me that calling this build SR 65-66 viable was a stretch and I finally got my hands on it to test it and see if it really fails in SR65-66.

Made three runs, died 2-4 times every run on boss chunks but beaten the timer every time. So if you don’t mind dying in Shattered Realm, this build is suitable for 65-66 farming.

Added a video of 65 boss fight with Grava and all the randomness that comes with it (died like 2 or 3 times there).

That’s weird. Build looks very solid. 3k armor, 50% phys res, 25% dmg redux from War Cry, ? I’ve seen way worse claiming full 75. Is it because it’s 2h?

Maybe for SR one shouldn’t disregard chaos res as is very common among non-SR builds?

55% Physical Resist and 3400 armor with Ulzaad, all relevant overcaps are there except Chaos and Pierce.

War cry is up 70% of the time tho. Reason is simple: melee + two-hander. Two-handers just can’t sustain that good: adtch just from one hand, lower attack speed, big damage spread.

Mad Lee, what you think about Gutsmasher changes. Do you think Leviathan is better ? I theorycraft version with Warborn and Gutsmasher, yours for sure is better, but what you think? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G7o352

I have already tested current Gutsmasher vs. Leviathan. Gutsmasher is a bit faster. I just decided against posting it because I want to see if @Zantai molds Gutsmasher into something real, because right now this item just half-done.

About your setup, it will work, but I think Bloodrager is still stronger there. I have tested that Conduit with 3 piece Targo set and it was meh, didn’t notice any boost to BA damage.

OK, thanks. You are attracting Zantai to the topic to plead your case about Gutsmasher :sweat_smile: But yeah, see your point. Bloodrager is definitely superb set, but I wanted to utilize this conduit after I saw it. To be honest most of the conduits are not worth it.

that one is no exception