[] Ultos and Ulzuin's Chosen: Hybrid Lightning Bomber Elementalist, 8min Crucible 170, SR76+

At the very minimum, you’d need the Barrelsmith set to make this work. Beyond that, you can put anything you like until you get 4/5 of Ulzuin’s set.

Also made slight changes to devo setup. Added full Korvaak for more OA, more crit dmg, more dmg.

hi dude great build i am new player and trying this build but i cannot use dual wield gun can you tell me why

The dual wield is enabled by the guns itself, if you do not have them you cant dual wield. In the meantime there are some other items to dual wield : Direwolf Crest for example or some relics

ok i see i will play with 2h till i find dual wield thanks

Gunslinger’s Jacket and Marauder’s Ammo Belt also grant dual wielding ranged.

where can i drop them is there any specific location ?

No, they’re random drops.

ok thanks a lot guys

Looks like you’ve been answered already. If you want to know about all the items that enable dual wielding, just search “enables the ability to dual wield” in grimtools.

thanks can you help me about devotion points order please


(+) Crossroads (Eldritch)
(+) Hawk
(+) Crossroads (Chaos)
(+) Crossroads (Primordial)
(+) Viper
(+) Behemoth
(-) Crossroads (Chaos)
(-) Crossroads (Eldritch)
(+) Widow
(+) Scholar’s Light
(+) Jackal
(+) Eel
(+) Ultos
(+) Solemn Watcher
(+) Sailor’s Guide
(+) Spear of the Heavens
(+) Korvaak

You’ve probably seen this on GrimTools but the Gunslinger’s Talisman recipe can be bought at Devil’s Crossing faction vendor if you haven’t found any of the other items.

great thanks i will look for it

is this build still valid in 2021 ?

Took me one click to find a recent build [] The Amateur Arsonist - Barrelsmith Elementalist