[] GhOLIATH : Tank Pet Ritualist (SR 115)

That’s why you focus on their damage and hyper fast resummon via low CD instead. They are still strong diviner or not.

what about all those builds with that Chaos rifle (forgot its name)? You had a lot of those.

Witching Hour. It’s still good with Ghol, but not so much otherwise. It doesn’t Synergize that well with Bysmiel’s since it between the two you have no options for Chaos conversation, and it can’t be used in Conjunction with any other sets relevant to Cabalists

Pet vitality builds are fine, they just aren’t going to do 5 minute crucible.

So, in your opinion there are currently no known pet builds capable of doing 5min crucible?

As I said a few posts up, Ghol + Skeletons can (requires some impossible MIs though)


Looks like a very nice build. How does it do with the celestials? Can it kill Callagadra etc?

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This build can mostly facetank Ravager and Mogdrogen(with some augment adjustment to heavily overcap lightning resistance). Haven’t tried Calla, but I expect it’d be like most other pet builds - run desperately in circles for 10-15 minutes because she vaporizes pets pretty much instantly.

The amount of aggro they pull scales with skill level in those taunt abilities, so investing more helps a lot. The more abilities that you use yourself, the more aggro you’re gonna pull. It often helps to let the pets attack for a bit before casting so that they build some threat first, though when you go super deep since they’re going to die you can’t really rely on that, so you need higher investment into the stuff that taunts for when you resummon.

If you’ll notice, sigatrev tries to avoid hitting dangerous targets with reap spirit to avoid building threat if they spawn adds. It’s also another reason I can see ritualist being better here because my experience with Curse of Frailty is that it generates a ton of threat.

If you want to go that deep I’m pretty sure ishtak is crucial – especially, in your case, on a bysmiel set build since you won’t have access to one of the medals that increases the threat that pets build. If that doesn’t work then the problem is probably more that the build is limited in that if it doesn’t kill fast enough it will die, which I could also see becoming a problem.