[] Trap room in new roguelike locked me in and wouldn't spawn enemies

Title. Trap/locked treasure room in Court of the Magi. The tentacle doors locked behind me and I opened all of the chests except for the opulent one which remained locked. No enemies spawned despite me running around for 5 minutes trying to interact with stuff. Had to restart game.

Edit: it’s the room with the magi bosses. Bugged when I used the elft hand side door. Right hand one spawned them correctly.

That’s rather unusual.

As nobody else seems to be experiencing this issue, I’d say try verifying game files.

Alright, no worries. Will do so and attempt to replicate. Assume I couldn’t if I don’t reply again.

We had this same issue in a 3 player LAN game. We all went through the right (lower on standard orientation) door. We went in, doors would no longer open, and chest was locked and nothing happened. This was our first visit to the new content. We gave up and will try again next week.

Huh, so it happens on both doors. Interesting. I haven’t been able to replicate it but will try with friend in multiplayer.

We implemented a failsafe for this encounter so that some combination of Magi should always spawn for v1.1.5.2.

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Seems to me the trap worked perfectly. What point has a trap not trapping you.

Great, thanks Z. Just letting you know that my mate and I tested repro rates with online multiplayer and it happened once in 6 attempts, and looked door-agnostic. Anyway, hopefully this apparent relationship with multiplayer doesn’t affect the efficacy of that failsafe and cause you extra hassle.