[] (2H Melee) A Knight of the Round Table - 2H Pierce Blademaster [cr+] [sr]

Meet Galahad, a proud knight that travels across Cairn, clad in heavenly-forged armor and armed with his faithful sword. No spells, no magic power, just pure steel and deadly blades that tear enemies to pieces.




  • Armor - used Targo instead of Bloodrager to see how it performs. Also, Targo provides better armor what I personally like and still well supports Blade Arc.
  • Weapon - pretty obvious choice. Tried also M. Bladefury but met unsolvable skill points issues.
  • Medal - M.Direwolf showed itself better that Mark of Consumption, also provides flat pierce and racial damage.
  • Relic - for +1 to all skills, some extra resists and stats.



  • High damage with good AoE;
  • Nice amount of racial damage - against humans, undead, cthtonians and beasts;
  • Dynamic and adrenaline gameplay.


  • Build is somewhat squishy so be careful while playing it;


  • What about the build’s performance?
    The build kills all Nemesis, Lokarr, completes 150-170 Crucible and SR65-66.
  • Does the build fear anyone?
    Not any Nemesis but still watch out for Kaisan. Also MQ and Slatsarr are extremely dangerous in SR.
  • Is the build suitable for beginners?
    No. This is not a build for the 1st playthrough but if you have some practice, feel free to try it.
  • Is it fun to play this build?
    Pretty yes. Nothing but pure and deadly steel.



Tip: as we can’t facetank Lokarr 100% of the fight, use some other strategy. At first, simply fight him - this phase ends when both Prismatic Rage and Ghoulish Hunger go on cd. Then, fight a bit and use Blade Barrier. When it’s down, blink away, heal, now you can kite or use Aether Cluster to minimise incoming damage. When Cluster is down, other defensive procs should be ready, so just finish the fight and claim your reward.

CRUCIBLE - lightning-fast 5:33 run made by @Slev1n


Special thanks to @Nery who recorded Crucible run and to all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection.


Nice build but how did you get the Hotfix early? :joy:

Firstly it was so I travelled a bit too far in time :smile:

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I like this build a lot!

Pierce Blade Arc BM still strong defensively even without SR set and damage is good too. So one of the better 2H builds!

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Thanks for such an appreciation! :smile:
Btw, that cunning dump seemed for me a bit glassy in SR. Probably because I’m an average pilot or too used to more safe gameplay.
And the builds struggles with Lokarr and I dunno why :frowning:

Yeah Cunning dump is only for Crucible cause you can use Ulzuin buff for extra DA. Other option is to change gear a bit to provide DA and make solid cunning dump. For example Dark dreams can be used, loss of beast racial but gain of DA, passive boost to Nights chill and also gives spirit. So maybe worth for SR?

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Love the build @afanasenkov26 - this deserves some Iron Maiden to go with it! Sun & Steel :metal:


Hm, Lokarr got 40 RR and you have 33% fire overcap in grimtools (without proc), did you try him with fire resistance potion or auguments swap?

Yep, I try him with potion only
for some reason he still hits like a truck
probably that’s because of rather low ADctH of mine :thinking:

Well… I just had to to do this…


targo’s craft is my favourit set

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I also really like it (as it has good stats and looks magnificent) but it works well only for 3 pieces and for pierce. Haven’t seen full-Targo builds since Superfluff posted his warlord long ago.

i made one and i did heretic dungeon yesterday im rly having fun with this set

you’ve made warlord?

I tried 2 pieces Targo+Spellscourge on Battlemage few patches ago but for now it’s results are awful. (1H BA is more about tickling enemies, not really damaging them, imo)

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if u want i can send to u my build u can check it :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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His Warlord was nice but your build is even better. Actually it’s kinda surprise but it’s still Pierce BM :smile:

As for Dervish, nah it’s bad. Battlemage is still weak but it’s not Targo’s fault for sure.

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And what’s so surprising here? :slight_smile:

About battlemage - yes, that’s not Targo’s fault but some other well-known factors.
Still imo Targo would be better if it had 2H weapon instead on 1h.

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Well Targo is shield set and fairly large portion of its damage is internal trauma, which can’t be converted to pierce. Also since it’s 1H weapon you can’t use full set with Nadaan. But you take set bonus and skill points and put big 2H weapon, which is great idea. Cause BA work better with 2H weapon. 1H+Shield is kinda meh.

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Ah, yes.
Targo is still very nice set but for now it seems to be better at what it wasn’t probably made for.