[] (2H Melee) Rah'Zin's Slaughterhouse - Yet Another Chaos WH [c+] [sr+]

Small update: added video of Lokarr’s kill.

Build is still fast&furious, with tons of damage.
Note: this is a pretty lucky run, in general you have to be attentive to situation still Lokarr can easily kill you. UPDATE: added new SR videos, renewed GT link, added build explanation section.
Feel free to ask your questions :slight_smile:

How to level DW chaos WH? :yoba:

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Should I really answer, you trolling dragon? :yoba:

Hint not as DW chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

If I start leveling WH it will be as Phantasmal blades but with bigger investment in secondary nodes, main skill 1 pointer.

See Afanasenkov, Nery to the rescue!

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I’m torn. I also have this build, with a slightly different version - with no greens, belgo relic and different devotions. I want to update the post for 1.5 and then ask to include it in Compendium.
But i also hate duplicates and don’t want people to see two of these in the list.

So i have an odd proposition. Can we merge the posts?

Edit: [] Rah'binger DW Witch Hunter revisit. 0 greens, consistent, relaxing and stylish 151-170(3+1) x 3, SR76+

I think there’s no need to merge the posts as the Compendium rules, afaik, allow to include similar builds (and our builds are not identical).
So feel free to update it and post :slight_smile:

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whats crucible time like on this guy?
also does entropic really beat combustion band?!

tried old build (without greens) in new dungeon but cant kill the last boss… i managed to take 3/4 of his HP but then he just one shoots me, no matter at what range (close/melee or range)…
any advice(s)?

The cruci time should be a bit under 7 mins.
As for Combustion Band, hadn’t tried it but think it would be ± similar to Entropic Coil.

Hm, hard question, as Morgoneth is vulnerable to chaos.
Actually, I killed him w/o much problems.
Afaik, it’s better to fight him in close range as on distance he has very hard-hitting jumps.

No Guardian Gaze?

Morgoneth is weird, feels like fighting a barbarian not a mage, a weird design decision by Crate :sweat_smile:

He sure is glass cannon and vulnerable to anything. He hits like a truck though I give him that.

Morgo is strange in melee but the battle can drag on because of his insane %damage reduction.
Still the stump from Ancient Grove is the most epic dungeon boss, at least for me

okay, im gonna try again! when im done, ill get back with results :slight_smile:

edit: tried, same thing. 1 stun = dead :frowning:

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I haven’t seen such a sad display since Ulzuin’s betrayal.


That’s actually a problem of all chaos builds.
But with decreasing mobs’ chaos res they’ve received a small boost (hope so, at least)

What’s your in-game stun res?
Probably I can make a vid of my run and fight with Morgo.


this is the build; https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV77eEdV

uh, understandable then.
that’s why pants with stun res affix are so needed.
also try to craft 2-3 items for it.

vid of Morgo’s kill is here.