[] The Ray of Lies - Pure Chaos AAR Sorcerer - 5:15 Crucible [g4][cr+][sr+][vid]

My original devotion map had a lot more of both, but it just wasn’t at all sustainable. There might be a balance between them I can strike, but it feels pretty comfortable the way it is.

It’s actually how explosive strike interacts with shotgun WPS

IMO, enemies should receive a global increase in pierce res

I totally disagree on this suggestion. That would make Kaisan ridiculous.

You might be right. I don’t have much experience with pierce damage. Just spitballing here. :smiley:

What if the aforementioned was applied to everything but kaisan?

I still believe it would be a huge gimp for pierce builds in general. Most of them if not all, dont have dissruption protection, and shattered + armored + though mutators, or any 2 combined, even one, affect their performance a lot.

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Nice build and surprisingly incredible performance! @Plasmodermic
This reminds me of my vanilla warlock concept. Didn’t expect this to be that good on the current patch. Good job!

Can you please explain how leveling ?
I’m died easy :confused:

Better to level it with fire spells+Olexra flash freeze. Later you can still use AAR.

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If you want to level with AAR you need to get a pulsing shard MI from the amalgamation in order to sustain. I don’t think there’s any other way to do it.

why dont u take the set skill for more tanky ? i doubt u can facetank the Reaper and some other melee Nemesis with 11% phy resistance , and you cant make a easy 75-76 SR run

I uploaded a video of SR 80 for you to show it works fine in SR. Using the full set sacrifices a ton of damage because of the messed up conversion of having to use the transmuter. Having all of the damage as chaos is much stronger.

If you want a build with the full set try this one.


how do you proc dying god?

I use the movement rune to proc it. If you don’t like that you can use flashbang or TSS

Hi, I am very interested in your build. Can u give us some guides on leveling base on your build? What skills to priorterize? Thanks in advance!

At the very least you’ll need a pulsing shard drop from the Amalgamation. Then you can just level it as a normal AAR build and max AAR/Disintegration/Reckless Power/Devastation. There’s no point trying to play it as chaos until you get Blood Orb and Spark of Reality.

First level arcanist and play with Olexra Flash Freeze and a weapon component active called Fireblast/Greater Fireblast. Once you get lvled up enough to put some good points to AAR (around the time you’re done with Amalgation near Homestead and get your Pulsing Shard from it) switch to aether AAR. Devotions, just take whatever has aether and cast speed. Skills, pretty much all arcanists take the same things.

For chaos AAR you need either Blood Orb and Spark of Reality or full Black Flame set (the former is better as shown by this build)

Thanks a million. Gonna try out

Updated Grimtools?

Hey Ive using this build and I want to ask. What should I like upgrade in the skill tree. Dont get me wrong I’m a noob XD. Cause im confused by how the build works. Does the aether ray applies to offensive ability? or the burn frost or electrocute dmg? and does crit apply to the ray. What items stats matter for this build too? Thanks for reading this :smiley: