[] An angry Tactician with 2 guns

Okey. first proper build that i post :upside_down_face:

II love ranged chars. Also i don’t have much skill … But this time both things merged happily into THIS.

The core was:
2XHavoc and 3 pieces of Warborn.

The rest of the gear goes around adding damage, +skills or fixing things like energy or resistances.
With de devotions… Zero complications. Oleron, ulzaad, azrakaa.

The char is a good tank, with simple handling… but i don’t like the damage. Not much RR and not excessive AoE. However… i did 65-66 in shattered realm 5 times without dying. I believe i can do habitually with more practice.
Rashalga, lokarr, clones and rogelike dungeons can be done.
Crucible and big cellestials… maybe in a future.

(Edit: this is me forgotting to add some images.)

Main window of the char with perma-buffs

perma-buffs + deadly momentum + sitting in seal:

Attack speed, adtch/physical damage and secondary ressistances:





Mad queen:

1st: any advice are welcome. (uh, i need moar damage)
2nd: thanks for read!

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Here’s how I run a very similar spec. The Black Matriarch ring is definitely a superior option to Cronley’s signet, since it gives almost the same stats with a relevant skill bonus and 10% RR. I’d also consider swapping off the Kaisan’s amulet for the conduit in my build; 15% stacking RR on a tactician is big, and it’ll give you a great attack for proccing blind fury or sands.

I’d also suggest dropping chilling rounds and maybe storm spread as well. Because of armor mechanics, shotgun or 3-hit WPS really suffer when converted to physical damage.

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interesting. Things:
I’m testing the new ring without chillin round and storm spread. Damage is similar than before but more regular, and i have better ressitances.
Now i’ll try with Chilling rounds an storm spread.

Conduit … i don’t like that idea. I prefer to keep kaisan’s eye. +1 to all skills (besides the resistances, speed and energy) is huge. I’ll watch rings and belts. Perhaps if i found something that patches the eye. (By the way, m. chains of anguish? it’s manageable?)

Anguish doesn’t pop up that often. The big danger on it is elemental resist that’s offset by your seal and less armor, which is compensated by 40% phys res and that it’s only 5 sec, which you can offset just by running away. With ghoul, you end up with 20% ADCTH on each gun, which is big for an autoattacker like this one.

If you compare the conduit and your Kaisan’s eye, you get almost the exact same resists, energy, and health bonus. You’re losing 50% damage and +1 to solider for 15% RR. You can counter the skills loss in several ways: if you try to craft your items for slow res, you can always drop the extra 4 points from Decorated Soldier; you can also use the points freed up by Chains of Anguish to patch anything you’re missing from soldier.

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:expressionless: Damn… 3 attemps and 3 instances of exactly same conduit. Poison ressistance and a modifier to ignaffar.
i’m out of ugdens. This will take some time.
By the way, troll RNG or i missed up something with the crafting of conduits?