[] Bonemonger going ranged! Lightning DW pistols Tactician Gladiator in ~7+bonus build


Bonemonger is one of my favorite sets, since it’s so versatile having both elemental and aether support, also boosting Inquisitor, which is excellent support class and leaving your weapon/off hand slots open. So my build ideas are going ranged with it. Ranged builds are kinda delicate, since Fire Strike/Inquisitor WPS interaction is great but without ranged tends to struggle in damage department. So here is example of going ranged using different classes combos. There was interesting discussion some time ago. So tag @boromonokli here.


  • permanent buffs only


  • damage breakdown for Cadence, not sure if ring proc was active. Other than that same perma buffs active.

GRIM TOOLS : :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26KJWvV


Bonemonger set gives massive attack speed, this build needs+some RR to Inquisitor Seal but more importantly allows me to cap this skill. Proc is just another perk.

Other key items are the Exonerator pistols. They boost Cadence damage, fully converts it to lightning too. Also:

  • Jewels - Rings are one Storm seal for attack speed and DA and Keplath Zoth for the nice damage boosting proc. Medal is Luminari blue one. It’s fitting cause I have lot’s of pierce damage for conversion , option is Korvaak’s Brand.

  • Gloves - Light Defender, can roll nice attack speed.

  • Belt - Blue belt with +1 both skills, OA and speed. Proc is nasty but I think it’s worth taking.

  • Relic - Bane boost OA and attack speed, proc helps a little bit with sustain. Usually Combustion is pretty good on single RR classes but I like Bane on ranged builds.

  • Boots - Final March for physical res and slow. Overall very nice boots, fitting in so many builds.

  • Pants- my only green item, perhaps it’s not mandatory but the +3 Deadly momentum helps with the damage dealing and affixes gives me extra incentive to use Kuba pants.


Not the usual ones for lightning build, took Elemental Storm for flat RR and Hydra. Dying God gives massive crit(over 100% with procs) and attack speed. Also Tsunami proc on Box deals constant AoE damage.


Build is relatively durable in Crucible, Seal, nice overall stats will let you boss most Crucible waves and Campaign. Ghoul is fail-safe mechanism against heavy hitters.

So I tried the build with more points invested in spirit. That boost slightly damage and clear speed. My average time is perhaps around 7 minutes or slightly more. Times vary a lot, depending on mutators and if Valdaran/Maiden spawns often. Mad Queen can be nasty, cause her aura reflect your projectiles.

Here’s video from my fastest run with great mutators - 6:33!

Bonus build

GRIM TOOLS : :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MaMz02

  • craft all items with stun resistance.

Aether Apostate, which is very stable build, rarely dies and deals some decent damage. I know @valinov tried something similar in early FG days but don’t think it’s being posted.

I like Vortex of Souls gun, physical resistance, racial damage and projectiles pass through it’s unique combination for a weapon. Bonemonger set also fits quite nicely, since it’s an Apostate set.


I love this!! Bonemonger really is the set of possibilities. I have been meaning to try a N&O meme team-up but I forgot about ranged!! Time to cook a shooty bone boy up for my purifier :sunglasses: thank for the idea!

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