[][HC] Erulan Special Forces - Physical melee mortar commando, SR85, 170 crucible and all celestials cleared, no greens

Hey, thx for the build! I have a question for y’all. Would it be bad to take “The Big One”? You need 18 more points for it, so I removed some extra points from FT, Temp, and Shield Training. You also get extra stats from the mastery bar.

I find that skill way too expensive for what it does. I tried it maxed, left at 1 pointer and none at all, and for me the none at all option yielded better overall results.

I used to run this setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jlg9lZ

Way less tanky, and has a ramp up period when you finally get 5 mortars up.

If for example “the big one” offers some sort of -% physical resist reduction, then i would take it in a heartbeat.

Thx a lot for your answer. I will do as you say since you have tried it.

is it the rare ring in Coven? it gives 4%AS and 3%DS. I think it is better to get MI for the second ring.


You can of course use a good MI ring if you have one. The thing about no green builds are their performance is independent from good rare drop. I have made my fair share of Gargabol run, but never got anything decent.

looks like a fun and sturdy melee/caster hybrid build, nice work!

Thx! I also had great fun making this build. Grim Dawn is a very complex and rewarding ARPG!

Nice build! I’ve made a HC commando after seeing this thread. Had all the gear already, so I basically made a complete clone based on the latest GT version posted above, which is supposed to have more damage. Still, it feels like killing stuff is taking forever, even with all the procs and 3 mortars active. I mean, it’s not the slowest build from the ones I’ve played so far, but definitely in the crawlers group. Very tanky though, which is a strong asset for HC. Wish it killed bosses and nems half as fast as my DW physical Eye of wrecking warlord or DW Deathmarked Infiltrator.

Thx! And yes, the dmg is not the best, this is built with survival and safty as a priority after all. You can tweak it a bit further by striping away some more defensive layer, but i think you’ll hit the dps ceiling sooner than later.

Not not really tested, since i’m overly cautious on HC, but in theory this gives good numbers on paper: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAz0ERZ

You have free selection of a few 5 pointer damage procs, change to your own liking.

Realistically speaking this build can never hope to match the dps potential of DW fast attacking classes, and commando in general is imho ranked below warlords, simply due to the very good zero effort resist reduction you get.

Yeah, I agree about commando being a weaker class in terms of killing speed. In the past, I made a 2H Worldeater version when the mace finally dropped from Shar’zul after about 200 runs lol. It was killing stuff very fast. But it wouldn’t handle high SR in HC. BTW, Is SR60 much easier than 75? All I need is 60 to get the shattered set. Currently at 45.

The hard part in SR is passing that shitty small arena in 50-60 bracket. Prepare to restart alot in HC. otherwise you can even farm 70-75 in relative safty.

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I have finally killed boxhead in HC.

Unfortunatly gear and skills need some large changes: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRo7XxN

Wow, nice! I wonder if the Octavius spec can be used for general SR farming? It seems quite a bit stronger, at least on paper.

Octavius is definitely viable for SR farming, i just prefer upfront and direct melee. Be advised that the setup is specifically designed for crate of entertainment, before using it for other content, you’ll have to patch up resist and generally live with a lesser tank than the justice melee version.

If you want more clear speed you’ll also have to adjust devotions to more offensive ones, which in turn further slicing down defensive layers.

BTW, how big is the damage loss if using the non-mythical version of Beronath? In all my time playing GD HC (which is way over 1k hours now), I still haven’t found the blueprint. Even the non-mythical version took me forever farming the dungeon vendor.

Difficult to say how much a drop it is, you do lose flate damage and some other very nice bonuses, but the most important aspect of beronath is the conversion, which you do get with the base version.

Do you have everything else? Especially the rune of blazing charge? You can somehow mitigate the dmg loss by shifting points from cadence to blitz and just nuke everything. Otherwise farming crucible in a single long session will net you the blueprint hopefully sooner than later.

May I ask, is this still good to go in with the slight nerf to mortar? I’m thinking maybe drop the overguard/shield mastery entirely as it seems to have gotten hit again(?), maybe that’s just me, but I’m not sure I notice a difference with the shield being up.

I’m very sorry to respond so late. I just came back to the game recently after a very long break. If you are still interested, the build is updated and tested for


Added a 4 mortars version as a sidegrade, does more damage but feels way less tanky, it clears SR75 and CR170 no problem. Anyway this was my original concept from a year ago when i started building, and i think you guys might be interested.


Hi are the devos and items still the same in 1.1.7? Why do you use seal of blades on the weapon? Are there any alternatives for the amulet?