[] [HC] The Immortal Army - Pet Dervish - Beginner Friendly Pet build! Super fast MC farmer!

Why that point in Rebuke? What does it give to the build?

Why no point in Nightfall? Afaik Shadow Strike pros devotions a lot better with at least one point in Nightfall.

Isn’t it better to have Murmur assigned to Shadow Strike?

I assume Tainted Eruption is assigned to GoE, right?

Yeah the skills can be moved around to your liking,

  • 1 point in Rebuke for 8% reflect and life reduction resist - whether or not that is useful in your case, is up in the air (Nightfall is probably generally more useful as a single point). Since you’re effectively a pet-playstyle build, you can kite most things except reflect damage - which comes back to you since your ‘pets’ are all player-scaling pets
  • Reasoning for SS, it’s just for the movement - I’m planning to have a mostly afk/pet playstyle and will rarely use SS for any other reason than to move around faster - it’s attached to scorpion because I reason the only case I’ll ever use scorpion is for the 150 DA debuff on big bosses - 1 point in Nightfall is definitely worth it (remember, this is a build I just slapped together - if it’s just minor things like this, you should feel free to move some skill points here and there)
  • I’m not really planning on using SS offensively, Deathstalker facilitates a more AFK playstyle - plus Deathstalker itself has a Shadow Strike type move in it’s kit, it has an AoE, and relatively high attack speed for the procs
  • Yeap about the GoE and Abomination’s Tainted Eruption

Complications. Due to my incomplete gear, my total lack of stun resistance combined with my reliance on Ascension and Lifesteal makes it nearly impossible to farm Morgoneth for the MIs I’m missing. I could fix the problem, or use a farming character, but this seems like a good chance to try a different build for this one. Already done a fire GoE Paladin, so I guess I’ll try an acid build for now. Looks like I already have most of the non-MI gear for it.

I still intend on going back to at least complete my testing for a vitality build–even with incomplete conversions and lacking two item’s worth of temp summoned minions, I had no complaints about the damage. I also really like Hungering Void buff, which can be kept up full time if desired, and it’s outright hilarious to have so many summoned minions that larger enemies get stuck on geometry. But my incomplete build just isn’t cutting it at the moment.

Part of the problem is that my defenses are nowhere near enough to remain a stationary turret during tough fights that last long enough for Ascension to wear off, like Morgoneth. I’ll have to see if that problem persists in the final build.


Minor adjustments to Ziller’s build to remove the pants MI and reliance on prefix/suffix for the other two. Resistances barely make it now, but I never did develop much taste for grinding for double rare MIs. The roguelike dungeon-only legendaries are bad enough.

First impressions:

Damage seems to be about the same. Without the time required to summon all the temp minions, clearing speed is a bit faster. Better AoE with Tainted Eruption, but without lifesteal, you can’t afford to plunk down in the middle of a pack of enemies to get them really concentrated, so the final result is again about the same. HP is paper thin, so the DA, resistances, and dodge chance only help so much, and Veil of Shadow requires you to be in close proximity to the enemy. You’re basically never still, and Tainted Eruption’s confusion makes for a solid defense against packs of enemies, so it’s less of an issue than it would be with most characters, but it’s still a concern against enemies with powerful AoE attacks (ie Morgoneth).

I’ve tried sinking points into Blade Barrier, and it does help, but only so much.

Edit: Build is too fragile for my tastes. Tried a few things to fix it, including maxing Blade Barrier and using Guardian’s Gaze devotion to reclaim some lifesteal (which I ended up liking because the revolving eyes could repeatedly proc on attack skills, as well as lifesteal). But I keep dying during tough fights as soon as my attention wanders and I mess up the kiting. There isn’t a lot of tolerance for mistakes. I think I’ll go try out a Chillwhisper Infiltrator and continue farming for my vitality build, although at this point I’m not expecting it to be much tougher in situations I can’t rely on lifesteal. I’d still like to see what my theorycrafting can do for real.

i have zero DPS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQElXYN
why? :smiley:

[GrimTools] Build Calculator

Keep in mind GrimTools is a third-party fanmade tool.

Its very hard to go past Occultist if going Vit/Poison.

Doing this same build but Oathkeeper/Occultist.

Possession, Aspect of the Guardian and some healing make a big difference.

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That’s an awesome idea, although you’ll have 2 less immortal minions.

While were on the different direction subject, is there any way to convert the physical damage from Mogdrogen’s Pact to Acid? Would be pretty sweet if Pact added more acid damage on top of the Guardians

Sure. No question. If we’re branching out from Dervish, I find it very difficult to pass up Inquisitor for… pretty much anything. The combination of Inquisitor Seal and Deadly Aim work wonders in combination with pretty much any other class, and Aura of Censure if you’re using elemental damage. In all honesty, a Paladin can use EoG better, and an Infiltrator can use Blade Spirits better. Hell, an Infiltrator can get respectable clearing speed from Night’s Chill/Aura of Censure alone. But that’s not really the point of this particular forum.

There’s not a lot of question that by using a Dervish for both EoG and BS this build is objectively bad. The only RR element shared by the two classes is acid, and it’s relatively undefended against by enemies. EoG and BS share no elements, and the only item that gives a total conversion to one they do share is vitality. Fire has the best supporting skills and the most aggressive devotions. From a theorycrafting point of view, this is a complete mess. The fact that you can make it work anyway is part of why I keep coming back to Grim Dawn every so often since before AoM.

It wouldn’t work. Player scaled pets are mechanically more like auto-targeting spells than pets, and don’t benefit from buffs or auras. They DO benefit from auras on you personally, but since flat damage boosts like Pact or Blood of Dreeg only affect skills with a %weapon damage component, they won’t do anything for EoG or BS. %Damage boosts will work fine.

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Damn, forgot about that

Eh never liked Seal as a skill. Its very powerful yes but I don’t like the static style.

…And you’re looking at a pet thread? Well, whatever. Can’t argue if it simply isn’t fun to you. I will say contemplating various other class combinations for an immortal pet build did give me the idea for a pure physical Warlord, backed by Reforged Beronath. Might be able to make it work for a Dervish. I’ll have to play with it and see if its possible to make it not suck.

Maybe something like this?


I’d prefer to use the Word of Solael over the Grasp of the Dead, but you can’t double-convert elements and I suspect the Word would happen first over Beronath.

I’ll admit to succumbing to curiosity and using GDStash to give me the items I needed to test this. Damage seems a little lower than it should be, but that could just be my RR devotions being too low level at the moment, or maybe that none of the RR aside from EoG is AoE. Survivability is a definite step up over the vitality and acid builds I tried, but not at facetank everything levels. Test more later when I’m not too sleepy to think straight.

Well this is my experimental Sentinel cause I just wasn’t feeling the Nightblade:


DA is average but HP is decent. 27 Phys resist and 15 absorption.

Got 134 Acid/Poison RR. 3000 OA with Ascension.

Managed to get Black Blood, Tainted Eruption, Rumor, Acid Spray, Guardian and Sting as Offensive procs and Giant’s Blood and Wayward Soul as Defensive ones.

Still very much a work in progress at the moment. I don’t stay in melee range but I might be tanky enough to get away with it so I could think about a melee attack in the future.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRkWKvN, Infiltrator, Cold, Blade Spirit/Blade Burst
This is what I’ve been using to farm recently. It’s real good. Tanks everything, only using Seal during really big fights. Might actually be my favorite build of all time. Real simple to play. Put Blade Burst on left mouse button. Walk into enemy. Keep Pneumatic Burst and Word of Renewal up at all times. Inquisitor Seal if you find yourself in trouble. That’s pretty much it. 1 MI, but the prefix/suffix are pure convenience.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV93ymPN, Paladin, Fire, Guardian of Empyrion/Eye of Reckoning
An old build, hastily updated for the items in the newest patch. Extremely aggressive, and sturdier than it looks at first glance, as both Aura of Censure and Soul Fire reduce enemy damage, and there’s plenty of Damage Absorption in Inquisitor Seal, Ascension, and Phoenix. It’s plenty tough, but it’s a little concerning that it doesn’t have a way to dig itself out of trouble if it gets in too deep. Not really a lazy build, but pretty much every active skill other than Eye of Reckoning and Ascension is just there to proc devotions. 1 MI, and you really need an Infernal or Hellfire prefix for the conversion.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jxJRvZ, Opressor, Vitality, Guardian of Empyrion/Blight Burst/Drain Essence
Still theoretical, so I can’t say much. Probably too dependent on lifesteal to be a good lazy build. Ascension and Mark of Torment should make it tougher than a Dervish, at least. No MIs.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRkYbxN, Warlord, Physical, Guardian of Empyrion/Cadence
Still theoretical. Unlike the others, this is probably closest to a pure pet build, as Cadence is there mostly just to proc Shattering Smash. Probably the worst DPS in this set because I was trying to make it capable of tanking, since Warlord has no healing skills. It should have enough CDR to chain Ascension into Overguard and back again without any gaps in the cycle. 1 MI, but the prefix/suffix is just for convenience.

im pretty new in this game, so what about stats? Im on 25 and every putted in the physique, is that ok or should put some in spirit? What type of gear i should look for? Heavy armor and 2h melee weapon?

Rush to Homestead, choose the Order of Death Vigil and head to the Tomb of Archon Barthollem. A couple of runs should get you the mace which adds an extra Guardian.

And yes, heavy armor + physique should be good at this point. Once you reach level 35, head to the final act and look for the new rogue dungeon, where the magi can drop the helmet (+1 extra guardian). After that your levelling experience should be a breeze all the way to 100.

Ty for fast respone !

Would you have a different divotion setup for hardcore?

The links in the opening post are from my hardcore chars as that’s the only way I play the game. Have to admit, however, that dervish requires a bit more attention than some of the tankier classes like warlord or commando. And while I don’t recommend it as a superboss/celestial farmer, most of the main campaign content should be doable, as I’ve done it multiple times already.

I concur, the build WIPES and WALKS the standard game play to level 100 in a record amount of time.

Yes, superbosses and other difficult adversaries can and will kick your ass, but they are not the target and design of this build.

I found that out in Ultimate with Gargabol, Morgoneth and a few others that I had no issues with in Veteran or Elite. :skull_and_crossbones:

As @Contragor says, the build is a nice fast easy casual leveller to 100 and can be an amazing farmer in certain selected areas.

The fact that it cannot take out superbosses and some notorious nemesis rides ok with me as I normally just write off the fact that certain characters are just unable to kill certain bosses in their current configuration.

I enjoy configuring a character for the purpose I designed them for to be efficient and can clear the campaign. I do not relish changing and reconfiguring ALL the devotions,skills,gear etc. just to tackle and optimise for a SPECIFIC superboss, that then makes the character weak again against all the other game elements.

If that character can’t do the job, then I will wait and try the next char build and see if they have a chance. Different bosses and nemesis can be easy for one char build and virtually impossible for others without rearranging your total build just to take the specific enemy down.

Most superbosses are just insanely difficult anyway and after a few encounters with them, I just chalk them up as “Leave them alone and look for other more lucrative avenues” :grim_dawn: