[] Lightning AAR Mage Hunter with no set pieces, Crucible speed of light!

  • When you play lightning ray build and lacks certain levels of creativity, but you are so strong


Lightning is very strong damage type for AAR and Mage Hunter is the class for it. This is also known as the ‘‘green AAR’’ build since it literally screams to use these MI items. Often builds used like 5-6 MI, I cut it to 2, but with BiS affixes-scepter+off hand. Off hand is must, Scepter is nice, but mot irreplaceable. Affixes on both are made with GD stash and are not realistic.

Before I continue forward credit to:

  • @mad_lee and @sir_spanksalot for helping me with this build and of course everyone else posted AAR MH, since it’s not new concept.


GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26KOleV

This is recommended version, I did more offensive in the video to make the fastest run I possibly could, ditching Box and Bat and taking more offensive devotions. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDwBEQV

All crafts are for physique.

Video is monster 4:56!




  • just permanent buffs

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m2333eq2


I used Arcane harmony legs for spirit and disrupt. As whole this build benefit from items with spirit, since you can make big spirit dump. Also skill disruption resistance is nice, even if disruption is rare.

Belt+Rings are converting all the aether damage to lightning, very cool also for Spear dealing mono damage type.

Chest is Fatewaver, got everything you need, resistances, physical res and spirit+energy regen. Shoulders helps with caping disintegration and have also nice line of stats. Boots are Wyrmscale. Grey magi are decent too, but OA+stun resistance makes this better. Also bonus to censure and damage absorb proc, how sweat!

Medal is shadow queen, gives useful resistances and OA, also bonus to Censure. Relic is Iskandra, some people may want here Eternity or Combustion, personally thinks Iskandra is the best for any spamming Arcanist build. Gloves+Amulet are logical for AAR build.


Ultos+Spear offensively is so good. Spear deals with AoE sideways, where your ray can’t deal damage and it kills stragglers along with Ultos. For flat RR proc is used Revenant.

Note; For better Crucible times you can pick Quill+Elemental Storm over Revenant+Ghoul, but defensively is lot more risky and I think it’s not worth it. Skill bindings are optimal, I think.


Build is very solid, almost unkillable in buffed Crucible. Also you don’t have tough enemies, especially with Ghoul+Revenant even double Reaper is easy. If you reach critical situation and Ghoul is on CD, ise Mirror. Also null your opponents with Nullification. Times vary a lot depending on mutators and whether you meet Valdaran. Here’s my recording in Gladiator, 6:09 time!

Alternative versions

Another option(boring) is to go Light Defender. Also very solid, slightly slower, managed to 6.24 run. The QoL here is superb, one less button to push. Thanks again to Mad Lee!

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo66nkV

Also here’s the true DPS king for AAR. It’s full offensive setup by Sir Spanksalot! Here’s video from it, around 5.20! Weee :dizzy_face:

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZq33l82


Nice one mate. 2 things - beyond 9/10, vigor and conversion give you diminishing return.

Same with mirror beyind 7/12. IMO mirror is either 7/12, or 12/12.

Just some minor suggestions!


OK, thanks. Mirror indeed can free some space, since isn’t really needed often.

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Did anyone ask for more DPS?


I don’t think you’d even need conversion in buffed bannered runs since you can get CC-res from buff.

@Nery: leave conversion @ 6/10 then

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You can’t get more slow :slightly_frowning_face:

Added crazy DPS tweaked version by @sir_spanksalot

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Dem 300k crits <33333

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Yikes, that’s are lot of threes! And zeros and damage.

I tried it with spellshock tome. It was fucking hilarious, but also really scary because of the lost of lifesteal. :stuck_out_tongue:

@nery: I still laugh at the first second of the video, when all the wraiths got melted

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+1 is nice, simultaneous death ray :wilted_flower:

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Better to live short and memorable than to live long and suffer.

Not a very appropriate talk :smile:


Now im scared.

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Now I need a build to reliably farm Ravager :smiley:

Why you need Ghoul in this build? AAR has 0% weapon attack (at least in this setup)?

Mad Lee’s Conjurer maybe? Or use Light Defender set. I know you level it with Malawiglenn build, so you have DPS potential monster, or resilient caster. Mage hunter with off hand packs quite a punch and survives off the damage!

EDIT Ghoul gives physical resistance and also life steals through Ultos and Spear procs.

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@garfunkel: It’s been proven repeatedly that ghoul/bat combo is essential for sustaining caster builds with little to no sustain.

The biggest difference here is just the sheer DPS output lightning AAR can do, making the adcth on it more than sufficient.

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Yes i started my Lightning AAR MH following Malawiglenn’s guide but now it is level 100 and I 've made some changes to the build. Found M.Storm Shepherd and one Glyph of the Storm Witch ring.
So many versions of AAR Lightning MH build has been posted lately! Can’t decide which one to base my character on :slight_smile: I love GD diversity even in the seemingly same build

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Yup. Every single build can be made differently, even with the same items as seen here with nery’s build vs. mine.

Don’t forget that the key is to tailor it to your preference, and for your goals.

E.g. I’d never use that DPS glass cannon build I did for naked crucible.

nice build, i was thinking of this as well. The only difference being that i was searching for an item to convert the aether to lightning as well but i guess that is not possible.

This build have full 100% aether to lightning, rings combine for 50% and belt have 50%. So sheet DPS is sick-100% full lightning Ray!

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