[] Beast Set | Lightning & Bleeding | Pet Conjurer | Ver2.0

GT:Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Battle Pets quantity:1 Primal Spirit + 5 Swarmling + 2 Briarthorn
Note:Pet Elemental、Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BoD effect

Elemental reduce:Curse of Frailty 30% + Raging Tempest 35% + Elemental Storm 32 = 95%
Bleeding reduce:Curse of Frailty 50% + Swarm 11% + Hellhound 24 = 85%

Note:Run speed around 120% , but u can use teleport.

V1160 item change
Relic - Primal Instinct: increased the Health, Speed and Fire damage of the summoned pets




1152 L & B build if double crit damage like this 200K - 300K


That was fast :slight_smile: for 1.1.6 build

look really fast!

Is it good for SR or crucible?

better for SR 76
not design for crucible, Cru need bysmiel set more AOE damage. but why Farming cru?

For me

cruci = speed, damage & Aoe build
SR = resilence, defense

I will try this later today as a switch from the elemental beastcaller

is Cruici buff make u strong, without buff is weak

It feels bad to get chaos resist from off-hand.
Compensate the chaos resist with components like black tallow on amulet and skull in amor.

Better stats should be chosen, maybe occultist again as previoulsy

And why change from ‘…of chaged Souls’ to ‘of Binding’ ?

Nice :yum: :+1:

@omnitrio updated his bleeding pet conjurer build :slight_smile:

It really seems the sand king proc should be better then the condiut with bleeding damage ?

By the combination of all the pros and cons


Adjustment for survival:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLa5rOZ

Battle Pets quantity:1 Primal Spirit + 5 Swarmling
Primal Spirit 1.5s CD

v1.1.9.5 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a048DN