Character class (looking for advice/help pls)

Hi all,
I am new to this game and it is my first post. As I am a bit older I am looking for a nice class combination that has a good aoe / auras. As my reflexes arent that great anymore it would be cool if it was easy to play (fewer buttons to press)!
I am looking forward to any advice you can give me. Thanks in advance - much obliged!!!
Oh and one final question… is it worth getting the “Forgotten Gods” expansion?

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

A pet based Conjurer doesn’t need that many buttons to push once you’ve summoned them and applied auras. Have a look at Maya’s Carnival Guide to Pets and adapt it for the base game. Would probably need to get Mogdrogen’s devotion since neither Ishtak nor Tree are in the base game.

It’s up to you; you would need to buy the Ashes of Malmouth expansion as well since FG needs that. Both add more Acts and map content, new masteries, factions, items, quests, etc, but if you’re not sure yet you’ll enjoy the game then wait and play some more before deciding. You can always get them further down your play time and any current characters will carry over with no problems.

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I got a build for the base game there :stuck_out_tongue:

And it has just been updated :yum:

Thanks :slight_smile:

So is the pet character the best option then?

That depends and varies based on the player. But personally, I am kind of really lazy when it comes to Grim Dawn and it reflects on my builds…

I really dunno about pets. Almost every pet build I made had one bar filled to the brink with active skills, and the other one with passive skills and summons that also had to be used occasionally. There are just too many temporary buffs to use. One can always elect not to use them but what’s sense does it make to forfeit power.

And the gameplay is only lazy until the player catches aggro. Then it’s super hectic. One can always play well enough so that you never catch aggro ofc.

But that’s just my take on that. Pets still boast best results in SR climbs if played right but it’s not as easy to play them right as most ppl think imo. And mid-game, sorry but it’s a FACT, pets are kinda terrible…

Imo the best path for stressless leveling - and then endgame - is warlord. First some Forcewave/Aegis, then taking a curve towards retaliation.

As for FG, absolutely a must. It’s like asking should I get a car with an engine or is it still okay to do it like the Flintstones.

So you are saying that we need to ask Zantai for more Pet buffs :smiling_imp: