[] Scion of Arcane Force Witchblade WiP

I was trying to build a ele witchblade with the new weapon.
I came up with this
Any ideas for improvement?

This looks non-standard and i really like it - on paper is very solid stats.

You are missing enchants on 5 slots - i would add maybe 30DA ones then shift as much as possible Str points into Spirit to boost that Elemental dmg.
Also your rings are non mythical - craft them for Slow res and you can cap slow and add a more usefull component on your boots.
You can free at least 4 points from Scars of battle (i put them in BoD but might be you free some others and cap 12/12 war cry?).

Problem i see is very low life leech - easy fix is to put Seal of Blades and Restless Remains in gloves.

With the below you have a great overcap of all resistances, 15%+ bigger dmg, 20% more crit, more armor etc. I am no min maxer hence i am sure MadLee or Jax or Fluff can squeeze even more juice here :slight_smile:

Some small tweaks: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwjgEKV

you are both wrong :slight_smile: here is my version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MrAvWV more damage and survivability