[] Melody Juniper | Pet Conjurer | Beastcaller's Bleeding Pets | Celestials | SR 90

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Myth. Black Scourge is kind a lame, since the toon not the pets have to kill an enemy to proc its ability/ spawn of a pet

The sand king amulet provides a nice bleeding proc instead of the conduit ? I think the bleeding damage on the modrogen’s pact does not extends to pets?

I never use it on this build


dmg work on pets from aura

Is there any leveling tips or guide ? Also how is this build works for hardcore ?

This build is super solid but only in full equipment
I don’t give guaranty how it works with another items

sorry but no
I remade this char from non-pet-master build

Here is the go-to ressource for conjurer pet builds including a leveling guids and all:


Thank you for the nice build! I’m just wondering why those rings. Are they for resistances and pet bonuses? +2 summon familiar feels underwhelmed too. Just browsing through inventory, I have so many pet MI rings that have nice affixes. Do you have a BiS in mind for the rings?

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Hi and thanks
You are absolutly right - rings for resists
I made build without of green items - than everyone can repeat it
But if you have nice green items - you can use it :sunglasses:

Does Assassin’s Blade make any sense here considering it is bleeding build? Or was it taken just for affinities to get Oleron and Blind Fury?

Also Mythical Crimsonbriar Band instead of Mythical Wendigo Seal grants another 16 flat bleed to pets ang allows hardcapping Primal Bond = another 36 flat bleed damage to pets.

Switching the augments lets us overcap Aether res as well.

Base Pets attack has a lot of Physical Damage too

You are absolutly right with it
Change this rigns we add more pets dmg but have less vitality res
I think that both options are acceptable depending on the task at hand
But your vatiant is better, now I see, my carelessness

Your build is very good as it is and you are an excellent pilot as you managed to take down Crate and Callagadra with it so quickly.

Can you please advise which potions did you use for both fights?

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Great pet build and piloting skills. Very impressive.

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I use Elixir of Mogdrogen for high SR and Celestials and Hoarfrost Ointment if I meet Moosilauke, the Chillwind

Build Update

Special Thanks to @AngmarDT for important notice

Подскажи, пожалуйста, на сколько важно поймать бонус кровотечения к Обряду Могдрогена на Источнике диких тайн? Есть ли смысл с этим заморачиваться? Не совсем понимаю механику действия этого модификатора

Mod on this amulet adds bleeding damage to pets - very huge addition to damage - so yes, it is worth getting this exact bonus.

Understood. Thanks

Еще вопрос: Бонусы от компонента “Жуткое зеркало” +8% общей скорости питомцам суммируются? Этот компонент вставлен в шлем и в доспех. Если нет, то не лучше вставить в доспех Привязь Бисмиэль?
То же самое Печать Мощи. Какой смысл ставить и в левую, и в правую руку?
И можно ли как-то посмотреть все итоговые бонусы, которые есть на питомцах? Общая скорость, конверсии т.д.


две печати дают 8% физ реза

крит шанс можно посмотреть в гримтулзе
остальные параметры лучше в игре, потому что ГТ некорректно их выдает

посмотреть чем бьет питомец, только через сторонний софт GrimInternals

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