[] 25000dps to everything + Blade Arc. 2H melee/caster Tactician (cr 5:00) (SR75+)

Nah, man, I am telling you, double Sigils is where it’s at :slight_smile:

Double Sigils = tonns of attack speed, flat, two monster procs, 80 physique that actually translates into 80 cunning on Pierce builds. And very decent res too.

EDIT: For DW pierce one Sigil is enough usually.

A lot of dmg comes from ele spells. Word of Pain ticks are 8k each for a very small investment, seal ticks are 10k, rune projectile is 12k dmg. 3 out of 4 procs live off conversion… ele dmg is every which way you look. Signet is the cheapest way to reach full conversion and if i am to drop it i need either the belt (to lose 22/12 seal) or very good Epaulets. At that point it would be another build.

Looks like between Nadaan’s reach and 1x Bladetwister he’s got 100% ele -> pierce conversion with good rolls, and the build milks that hard with elemental procs. Bladetwister is probably BiS since no belt slot.

Now that Grimtools are back, would you mind posting a link to the build there? I’m new to the game, and was looking for fun pierce builds for inspiration, but I don’t know a lot of item names, so can’t tell what they are just by looking at a picture.

Sure! I’ll update it today, with links to other setups as well as the leveling one

Also still need to try he Blade Arc suggestion but i got carried away with another tactician build, now elemental forcewave built around Arcanor sword

ty so mush loving this build

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Blade Arc is different build. But you should know that Cadence is inefficient for 2h builds, it’s better for DW or S&B. Blade arc is exactly the opposite, 2h is monster good.

I think Cadence itself is about 30% of dmg on this build. Maybe less. It is only used because of Deadly Momentum (which is why several setups with 22/12 DM and sacrificing some defence have huge dmg output). Going from Cadence to Blade Arc will free some skill points and raise the main attack dmg output but i’m not sure if it’s worth losing DM. Need to test it.


This is great

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Updated for

The timer went down from 9+ mins to 5:46 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Impressive results!

You should put one more point in Word of Renewal and Military conditioning. Are those really the best shoulders? Something like belgothian’s would be really nice for more flat damage. Word of Agony points can’t be that crucial. If it’s the resists you need you can change the medal prefix to incorruptible.

How big is the bleed damage? Assassin over Huntress might be a decent idea. Also where is your flat RR? I’ve heard Scales of Ulcama is decent now.


Word of Agony is really hard to come by on the gear. The shoulders are awkward but they add a lot of AoE to the spell, the dmg bonus is rather small. But such high AoE makes it possible to click one time each corner and apply the spell to the whole wave spawn. If Word of Agony wasn’t important the build would have looked a lot differently :slight_smile: The BiS here is Chosen Epaulets because its a beefy MI which allows to use one more proper ring. At least the proc on our shoulders is really nice.

The itemization, cunning and devo path make bleed high enough to consider Rend. The thing is Rend is AoE proc with no cooldown. It’s probably the single most damaging proc you can apply to WoP. In the video you can see that all the trash and most of heroes die from WoP+Rend alone, you don’t even have to touch them.

The build is hardly optimal but it’s a funny concept. And when the agro stars align the shit’s melting very fast. I had my personal best at 150-160 timer with this build.

Flat RR comes from beacons in Crucible, for SR you spec 3 points of WoR into Terrify. Not a lot of RR but the devotion RR with the Revenant nerf has become very steep for how unreliable all the procs are.

I’d consider Scales on a different build, where i need adcth badly. For this build the cost is too high.

Updated the Crucible performance with a 4:41 run (new tribute spending, one beacon is lvl2):

The build is more aggressive but still more or less unkillable with capped Blade Arc, different leech sources, War Cry and 18/12 Seal:


From 9 minutes to … half :astonished:

Btw I want to try this beacon configuration myself, which is recommended side to use level 2?

Not sure which side. As always, buttom left tends to be more important, with someone like Grava or Kaisan needed to be attacked first (and debuffed with the highest RR).

1 Like bump. The build was hit pretty hard by 1.1.6 and the Crucible timer went up. No changes in gameplay for SR though.

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Good day

Initially you used the SR set, I see in the new Grimtools you make use of other equipment.
Can the SR set still be used, working towards the recommended setup items ?

I have always loved playing, and levelling up with WOP.


Yes, of course, SR set is a good option here. It will have less dmg but will be sturdy as hell.
Make sure to get the pants and the medal for Death Sentence hardcap and you are good to go.

So now my Pierce Blade Arc is officially the fastest Blade Arc build? I got lucky it dodged most of the nerfs, I guess, lol!

Literally. Mobility and dots allow it to avoid the increased Crucible difficulty. The majority of melee builds have to adjust.