[] Albrecht the Freezer - Fire AAR + OFF Sorcerer with massive CDR and RR, extremely funny build, SR 65

I have changed the link of the build for a version with Star Pact.


No problem, glad my advice helped.

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Mad Lee version looks really interesting, especially if you can get Disintegration and Star Pact bonuses on relic.
Pyran Visage might be a substitute if you don’t have Ravager helm.
Can we use Behemoth instead of Bat? It will benefit from Star Pact cool down and one less button to press (Ravager dreadgaze).
Is it worth adding Devastation?

When I was testing it I came to this spec eventually. Devastation is a net damage loss here due to cast interruption, BWC is already a problem here but you can’t really play without it on a Fire sorc. I have tested different gear setups too, including Pyran. This one proved to be the best. I don’t know how it’s going to perform now since both AAR and Conduit were nerfed.

Guess we are not talking about possibility to take down Callagadra or Crate with that setup?
Bat is better than Behemoth, right?

Callagadra is probably possible just because she can be kited, Crate definitely not. But I never test my setups on Celestials, it’s a waste of time, in my opinion.

Thanks, and Bat vs Behemoth? Personal preference?

I have used Benemoth just once just because I couldn’t proc Bat efficiently there. I prefer Bat, especially if you can convert it to relevant damage.

Benemoth should be decent on builds that have a lot of hp regen, but then again, Crate couldn’t make “increased healing effects” mechanic apply to already weak regen, so I don’t know.

Little suggestion, imo regen is really not the answer here. Nor is… aether Wendigo? :face_with_monocle:

Pulsing Shard is the answer. Great defensive and also kickass offensive devotion here will be Phoenix.

I did not wanted to make the strongest version possible of a fire AAR. Strong enough but thematic mostly. So no pulsing shard. I will try Phoenix if it can be taken alongside with Aeon’s Hourglass and will not kill other things. It can do SR 65 (and that is what I care about) so you can’t say it is not the answer.

I have been able to take Phoenix in the devo tree + Behemoth (and drop Wendigo). I will try it out. It might be better.

It is slightly better with Phoenix but not by that much https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQk0QRV Mabye the biggest change could be that I can take full Behemoth and have higher regen with it when it is up. Phoenix is being up practicly all of the time that is nice. But Wendigo wasn’t bad either. It clears SR 65 in the same way as the other two versions (with Star Pact or Reckless Tempest). Perhaps slightly better but still more matter of a personal preference I guess. None of these versions stands out as clearly the best.

I have made a 2nd edit with suggested changes in devotions by ya1.

So i just returned to GD after a long break. Isnt there permanent choices when leveling, factions etc that are made? Do these matter a lot, if so could u include them in the guide? :slight_smile: Ive chosen this guide for my first returning character, seems like fun to freeze and laser!

Factions don’t matter for this character. This character only works this way from level 94 up. Until that level you could use at first fireball from component + Olexra and from level 35 Conflagration relic + Olexra. Or you can level Sorcerer any other way you want.

Yeah, think it’ll be hard to level since it doesnt work until late lvl?
edit: Maybe not a good build to pick for me as a returning player since level 94 is quiiiteee a long ways away hehe

If you don’t have the items, play something else until you have them. It can be leveled as I said, but at level 94 you can switch to these items.

Hi, I am making a templar fire AAR, since I find I can benefit from guardian’s RR, my question is if I should use the same set up or I can go more dps because oathkeeper’s toughness.

You will have to try what to choose. It might be better with Oathkeeper. I have not given Oatkeeper much thought considering fire AAR.

Something like this is a good start. Take it further from there. It could actually be a lot better.

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