[] Albrecht von Frozenstein - fire AAR + OFF Templar, SR 65+


The idea to make this build came from @venegas in the discussion thread of my previous fire AAR + OFF build (Sorcerer). This Templar is a bit stronger than the Sorcerer version. It is again based on the Mageslayer set’s OFF + fire AAR + a lot of CDR (Aeon’s Hourglass, Aldanar’s Vanity and Eternity). It has more DPS but I had to change Star Pact for Reckless Power for damage and casting speed. There is therefore less CDR and because of no health regeneration I don’t use Behemoth. So there are some trade-offs. The itemization of this build is very similar to the Sorcerer.

I have other builds using OFF here, here, here, here, here, here and here. I also have other AAR builds here, here and here.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pyBdKV

Build needs two green monster infrequent items - Gargoyle Girdle and Alexander’s Legguards. Ideally you want affixes that give bonuses to OA, DA and fire damage. Crafting bonuses are to physique on both helm and dagger. You could make them for stun resistance instead but enemies are frozen most of the time so it is not that needed.

image from the game with passive buffs only


image from the game with passive buffs + Ascension



nice DPS 200k - 220k

OKish crit damage - 40 %

OK OA - base OA above 3000 OA (with Ascension close to 3100 OA)

192 DA reduction to enemies from Judgment + Annihilation

capped cast speed (with good rolled items)

huge fire RR, up to -210 % RR with OFF, up to -87 % without OFF (fire RR from OFF, Elemental Storm, Guardians and Solael’s Witchblade)


OK life around 12 500 HP - managable with other defenses

freezing even nemesis with OFF (because of full Mageslayer set)

OK DA - around 2950 DA

70 OA reduction to enemies from Annihilation

% damage absorption from Maiven‘s Sphere

flat damage absorption from Ascension and Phoenix

OK physical resistance 21 %

lower armor above 1700

high CC res

maxed resistances with reasonable relatively decent overcap

healing from Bat (conversion from pierce to fire)

Mirror of Ereoctes


Prismatic Rage from component

huge CDR from Aeon’s Hourglass, Aldanar’s Vanity and Eternity - this is the thing that makes the survivability of this build (freezing often with OFF, more Mirror uptime, more Phoenix uptime) + OK life leech from Bat


This build is similar in performance to my previous Sorcerer therefore the same applies. Build is capable of doing SR 65-66 and a skilled pilot can go higher with it. But be aware of a mutator that increases enemy’s CC resistances in SR (with that mutator fights with Mad Queen, Grava and Gargabol are like cat and mouse because you can’t freeze them - without that mutator you can freeze them and they are OK). Build is not a total tank but can tank for a while. Freezing nemesis extremely helps and is a fun :slight_smile: Be careful around heavy physical damage bosses. You can’t tank everything everytime but if you reposition yourself carefully using Displacement and you know the bosses you can beat SR 65-66 relatively easily. I don’t push my builds higher than SR 65-66. I don’t have a time number for Crucible because I don’t play it.

image from SR 66


In reality, MI are four. The two magi rings are a lot harder to farm than Aleks’ pants and Gargoyle girdle with decent affixes.

Yes but I mean by that the greens. Next patch it will be easier. 50 % more drop rate for the rings. I changed it in the post.

Even if it was doubled, the farming would be really hard. I dropped 7 magi rings only (2 Anubar, 1 Tawrot, 1 Khonsar and 3 Orissia) in about 160 Tomb of the Heretic runs since it was released, I don’t know if I was unlucky but it seems to be a pretty long farm at the moment.

Other than that, the name of your build takes me back to the good ol’times:



I forgot to make a feedback a while ago. This build is a lot of fun for me indeed, yeah I could get to SR 65-66 which is good, could be 75-76 and even 80 to 85, BUT you gotta move fast and it is really recommended without that ugly mutator that gives bosses more CC resistances. Other than that, campaign is fun, once you reach 94 it is the point where face melting comes to play. :japanese_goblin::fire:

Aetherlord’s Signet can be used as a placeholder or Blazeseer Signet.

I changed it significantly since the first version I posted to you in the thread.

Yes I noticed, I used the same things you linked but I always aim my characters for more HP, I might want to use this new link to see the difference. I am happy this is possible, some love to oathkeeper and arcanist

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I already posted 5 Templar builds :slight_smile: I don’t understand why there were not more of them before. Templar is a great class combo but forgotten…

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But hey you did a nice work on the build, atm new people indeed will come to try this now that is is new thread, almost all new people want to try the retal bois (since they are famous and mentioned every moment possible , btw not saying they are bad) and forget these other classes. Of course it matters if you like the playstyle of face melting ray.

:slightly_smiling_face: [] Mage Hunter. SR 90. 150-170(3+1) 6m. 150-170(no buffs) 8m 45s


That must be some error that DPS :smiley: I didn’t look at the damage in SR. Don’t know how high it is. My aim was not to make the highest DPS build but a freezing build.

Numbers from the new dungeon.

Looks like I’ve been slightly unlucky if we consider the actual drop rate, but even with more luck, farming two specific magi rings can be really painful at the moment, lol.