[] American dream: from 0 to beating endgame with scrap metal and bare hands (Blademaster, For beginners, Faction gear, Pure DW melee, SR75, Crucible 150-170)


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Worry not @powbam, they will suffer in the end. My prediction is PAIN! :smiling_imp:



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Sadly that is diminishing in a more rapid pace than the melting of glaciers!..

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Hi - as a returning (essentially new - I dabbled pre-expansions, but not to Ult) player, I really appreciate stuff like this. There’s so much great end-game content out there, but what I’ve struggled to find is suggestions on first builds to farm all those fancy items for gear-dependent builds with.

I really like the idea of a Dervish though, and was wondering could the Oathkeeper be used instead of the Soldier to similar effect (with Righteous Fervour instead of Cadence and probably Poison/Acid instead of Physical) or would that be too gear dependent for a first farming character?

Glad it helped!

I’m pretty sure every class combo can be built for endgame (to some extent) using primarily faction gear. It was buffed recently. You just need to spend some time in grimtools to figure stuff out. Of course, it requires experience.

As far as the Dervish go, check out this topic:

I haven’t read it myself but the author is trustworthy.


Thanks - reading the Dervish guide now!

Dervish and Purifier are the two classes I’m having fun with atm so I think ideally I want to try and push one of those into a high-end gear farming unit before getting too stuck into other builds.

ZT is so low-damage is because it’s a main hand only WPS. Update - Crucible 7:23 min with “all-faction” setup (includes two easily farmable MI’s and one blue craft).

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Hej! Nice build and very good guide, thank you for that.

Just one question, do you have some recommendations for the devotion path?

I suggest to focus on survivability. Take Revenant and Ghoul first (after Assassin’s Blade) because leech is the main survivability tool. Then go for other defensive devotions like Wolverine and Solemn Watcher.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi Banana_peel,

Thank you for the guide. I followed it pretty close and finally was able to tackle SR60+ and get the Shattered Realm set! This definitely feels like my most powerful character. I’m curious on whether you have some thoughts on the insect slicers vs Redeemer. I have two Puncturing of Alacrity (lvl 94 and 92 respectively) Are they an upgrade or …?

Slicers with good rolls (one rare pierce affix) will be an upgrade. Puncturing of Alacrity will be more or less the same. More dmg, lower defences because of +skills loss. You can always try it yourself, just take seal of blades for both weapons.

But if you are low on mats, i don’t think it’s worth trying. Get better affixes or keep the current weapons. They are really good for faction gear.

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Thanks! I guess I will try to farm a bit more because I already changed my gear for the slicers. What about your take on blade spirit points? So far I maxed it out because they seem nice for add on dmg but I notice most builds don’t seem to heavily invest in them and I was curious on the thought behind that.

Blade Spirits are very good at 24+ points and with some conversion. When you don’t have conversion or enough points to reach 24/16, it’s a marginal investment. Blademaster usually finds a better way to spend points.

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Got it. I only got +skills to get to 19 so I guess I’ll scrap it because I am hurting for points in other areas.

Thanks again!

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Does it matter what faction you choose? Death’s Vigil or Kymon’s?

It doesn’t matter all that much but i find Kymon’s to have more valuable augments.