[] [Blademaster] The Darkness Beckons


Sheet DPS above is Cadence.

Stats and damage shown for both are with passives, Pneumatic Burst, Deadly Momentum and Lethal Assault active.


Setup I use

My gear is crafted for Slow resistance.

Probably BiS Affixes Setup

Craft gear for % crit damage if you want more offense or % armour if you want more defense.


In, Morgoneth released and a bunch of related items were added with him, many of which got random bonuses to Blitz and Blindside spread across them. As strange as it sounds, I was looking forward to seeing someone try Cold Blitz back then but I have yet to see it happen. Thus, I gave it a try myself and decided to post the result for community impressions and feedback.

With all that said, temper your expectations - it’s still S&B Blademaster.

Build Concept

  • Blitz is our main cooldown nuke, effectively converted to pure Cold/Frostburn damage.
  • In between Blitzes, Cadence is our skill of choice providing consistent damage and life steal, also converted to Cold/Frostburn.
  • Both skills are powered by Lethal Assault and Deadly Momentum feeding flat damage into them.
  • Defense comes from Fumble/Dodge/Deflect and OA shred from Nightblade, Overguard/Shield Training/General passives from Soldier and damage reduction from Morgoneth’s ring/boots.
  • Other notable defenses are Prismatic Diamond, Ghoulish Hunger, Serenity/Menhir’s Will and Blade Barrier.


Cadence (Rumor): Our main way of consistently doing damage and life stealing.
Blitz (Blizzard): Alongside Cadence provides a bump to damage and some AoE via 8 maximum targets to compliment it.
Overguard: Increases our shield’s effectiveness and provides damage absorption for a time.
Blade Spirit (Whirlpool): Passive AoE damage through Whirling Blades/Blade Eruption and Whirlpools.
Amarasta’s Blade Burst (Elemental Storm): Provides an all around damage and Offensive Ability buff through it’s modifier.
Ring of Steel: Provides Fumble in an area around us.
Pneumatic Burst: Provides Dodge/Deflect and Defensive Ability.
Blade Barrier: 3 seconds of invincibility. Use it to intentionally block a strong attack like Aleksander’s Meteor or as a safety net if you are about to die.
Amatok’s Breath: Personal preference, use any movement augment you like.

Field Command (Ghoulish Hunger): Provides increased armour and Offensive/Defensive Ability.
Oleron’s Rage (Wayward Soul): Provides a huge boost to Offensive Ability and movement speed. The Trauma is converted to Frostburn on Cadence/Blitz.
Veil of Shadow: Provides OA strip, speed reduction and resist reduction.
Chilling Weapons: Increases our Cold damage dealt and more importantly our conversion for Deadly Momentum.
Frostdread Presence: Increases our Cold damage dealt all around.

Resist Reduction

Night’s Chill: -60% Cold resistance passively to all enemies around your character.
Elemental Storm: 32 reduced Elemental resistance to enemies inside the vortex.
Rumor: -23% Cold resistance as a debuff that spreads like a contagion.
Mythical Band of the Eternal Haunt: -10% Cold resistance as a debuff that spreads like a contagion.

In total, this leaves us at -93% Cold resistance and 32 reduced Elemental resistance. Effectively, -125% Cold resistance.


Enough Spirit to equip our rings/amulet. Then we split investment between Cunning and Physique to build up OA/DA. Feel free to change how much of either you want, I went with equal amounts pushing 2900+ in both.


  • Try to get affixes with Elemental, Acid, Pierce, Chaos and Slow resistance on your Wendigo belt or Iron Maiden shoulders.
  • If you need more resistance, your Serenity can be crafted with a free chunk at the cost of some OA/DA.


Use Blade Burst, Ring of Steel and Blitz whenever they are off cooldown. Pneumatic Burst can be used off cooldown as well or can be kept and timed to heal off a glancing blow. Overguard if your health is dropping, Blade Barrier if your health drops too much and you have already procced Ghoulish Hunger and Serenity in your current fight. Cadence should be used whenever you are not doing something else.

Kills and Achievements

Iron Maiden



Hey, man, it would be nice if you include at least some screenshots (in case you can’t record a video) with build’s performance. Or at least write couple of sentences of what build can do. I have looked thru the guide 5 times and I have no idea what this build can and can’t do.

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Done. If you or any of the other Crucible players want to try it at 150-170 to test how it does, I’d be happy to send the character file over :+1:.


I like it baka, When you have time send me file in discord buddy ill try her out

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Nice idea, S&B builds are rare, Blitz even more. I think last build like this was updated early FG era and made back in AoM.

You can zip the character and attach it to your post for anybody to try. :slight_smile:

I am worried that the amount of RD is small, but it doesn’t seem that bad overall. Anyway, well done!

Dare I wonder how this functions with a SS focus, thinking back to the cold S&B BM of