[] Bleeding Glass Shards 3: The Bloody Grasp - 5:15m Crucible 150-170 (4:50 fastest), SR 75-76 farmer no greens Bleeding hybrid Trickster [vid][g3][c+][sr+]


*Took me actually forever to make it, lol


I have been a fan of Tricksters since I have assembled my first gimmicky Trickster build 1,5 years ago. It’s a class that in all of its iterations relies on damage in order to survive, however it’s also one of the hardest classes to balance and make a consistent build of. Since the nerf vendetta against Bleeding Tricksters, they became a second fiddle to Bleeding Warders: inconsistent, much less damage and pretty unpleasant to play. Well today the Bleeding meta changes one more time and Bleeding Trickster once again steps into the spotlight.

The Build Update

Changed a medal component for smoother mana management and tested this build in the current (more brutal patch). Thanks to @banana_peel who kindly agreed to test it and record a video.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

<<<< budget version >>>>

*Craft for %physique and Stun resistance

Again with the bloody questions

So how bad is “budget version”?
Actually as fast as the original version, so pretty damn good!

OA/DA look so low. What’s up with that?
It’s one of the secrets of the sacred game balance. The class with 1400+ in Cunning, plenty OA from gear and Savagery can’t pass 2900 OA mark. It’s all good tho, build still melts.

Isn’t Savagery damage and Vines damage partly Vitality? How does it work?
It works pretty well. Even with low %Vitality damage Savagery is decent as another ADCtH source and it helps against targets with high Bleeding resistance

Shouldn’t something like full Bloodrager + Gutripper gun be better?
Nope, we need full Wildblood set to unleash the true power of Grasping Vines and for amazing tankiness.

This Stun resist and Freeze resist looks like a recepie for disaster in SR.
Hey, this isn’t even a question! And build does just fine because of adtch from Vines does not stop while you are frozen/stunned.

Gear/Skills and Devotions/Leveling

Basically every piece of gear is bis here, but some pieces can be changed. In particular pants can be swapped for decently rolled Reaper’s pants (with Blood Pact and Blade Spirit bonuses). And if you don’t have rings of Orissia you can use Deathlord Bands/Belgothian Sigils even Bladetwister or some faction ring without losing too much damage.

Skills and devotions are balanced towards damage because build’s sustain allows it. It’s possible to skip the Unknown Soldier in favour of a more defensive map with Scales of Ulcama, but build doesn’t die in Crucible and comfortably farms 75-76 already, so there is little need for that.

For leveling check leveling/beginners guides on this forum. This is an endgame build and it works as advertised once you equip all the core items/skills/devotions in the exact order at character’s level 100


In Crucible build facetanks everything. However, it’s recommended to avoid Mad Queen when her red aura is on: the possibility of death is really small but it is possible. Our playstyle is more about applying all our bleeding sources and moving to the next target. Cast Grasping Vines into each corner of the map to take care of trash, focus on fatter targets, bring them to half hp, move on to the next one. Try to gather everyone on waves 160 and 170 in upper left corner where (possibly) slower vanilla nemesis spawns.

In Shattered Realm aggro bosses one by one and you are going to be fine. Some boss combinations can be facetanked together, in my tests I managed to facetank couples like Fabius + Iron Maiden or Reaper + Moosielauke or Moosie + Ben’Jahr and some more. Avoid Grava’s nullification. Never attempt facetanking Mad Queen when her red aura is on. Use hit and run tactics with her. Sometimes you are going to need a mana potion in SR, so have those ready. Or you can sacrifice resist overcaps by choosing to use Arcane Spark instead of Tainted Heart.


General with Savagery charges

Grasping Vines damage with all the procs

Defense with Savagery charges

Videos Shards 75-76 9:17 run (1 death) banana_peel’s fastest 4:50 run

My Crucible 150-170 5:37 run

Shoot2033’s super fast 4:50 run

Slev1n’s 4:58 run

Grey-maybe’s SR 75-76 run - 11:46

In Conclusion

I want to thank @Shoot2033, @Slev1n, @banana_peel and @grey-maybe for kindly agreeing to test this build and record the videos for this guide. I might not going to be able to upload videos myself in the next week or so due to internet problems.

P.S. Caught my Zoya thinking about the game balance and how Tricksters are usually the ones who are hurt the most.



Damn the build Zoya the Trickster is destroya of all content :smile:

And also this pic is totally worth it. I like Wildblood set and this is fun way of utilizing it, good job!

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I rarely do grimdawn anymore, but damn this build is interesting.
Interesting to mix bloodrager + Wildblood unleashing the bloodiness of wildblood set fully. While the set is usually used for vitality.

Love this Madlee…


I always wondered whether secondary bleed aspect of some sets like this was worth building around. Without WPS, for this kind of build trickster is mainly contributing total speed, DA, RoS, BS, and anatomy of murder, correct? Any plans to test conjurer? Seems like it would be nice too with RR, Pox, more OA (not criticising, trickster is my favourite class and you continuing to make builds for it pleases me greatly)

Edit: am dumb and forgot bleed is cunning scale, anatomy cunning dump is probably adding enough raw damage to compete with conjurer rr. Conjurer would be a lot glassier without dodge and fumble and less da :thinking: probably more traditional hit and run bleed style rather than facetank

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Thanks for another OP build, inspector :oncoming_police_car:


Nice build, it may make me dust off my trickster , even more so since now he is tank :slight_smile:

When did we lost the [g1] - [g5] indicator you cheap , respectively expensive a build is?
All this new fancy rings everybody is using are at least a [g4], right?

On the otherhand if everybody uses them then it doesnt matter which one you get as a drop XD

Conjurer might work but as you said it yourself, DA is going to be a huge problem. I think all the benefits we get from Anatomy + damage from Circle of Slaughter hugely outweighs anything Occultist can offer this build.

Thanks for the sick run, added to the op!

Still post it tho!

Yeah, I agree that those and Alkamos rings are definitely not G3. But at least you can target farm them. However here you can substitute those rings with Deathlord Bands/Belgothian Sigils/Whatever without losing much. I think with different rings you gonna lose ~10 seconds of the timer tops.


Nice one! + 1 for MtG reference. My brother plays on the pro tour

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Thanks! Sick nerd flex about your bro :slight_smile:

So I have tested this spec:


And it is as fast as the original one! Maybe even faster. Gonna add this to the op.

Nice and solid.

Just an idea: dmg would be just about zeroed out with Barbaros+Ravager Eye. You can drop the boots component for the res, or drop Restless Remains. Barbaros proc fixes speed most of the time. Imo cheap price for 160 oa + 60da (gt values) + dodge + phys res.

Or… just screw da, no Ravager Eye! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But ofc QoL suffers

Sweet , ty for providing a alternative so fast!

Nope, because Barbaros require 1035 physique and this build has ~720.

NP, man, hope you will have fun with the build. Update

Changed a medal component for smoother mana management and tested this build in the current (more brutal patch). Thanks to @banana_peel who kindly agreed to test it and record a video.

Strongest bleeding build overall still going strong.