[] Chaotic Spinner - DW melee chaos Eye of Reckoning Sentinel, SR 65+


The reason behind this build is to create a DW melee chaos EoR build. I chose the Occultist as the second class because of chaos damage support. As weapons I use two Fangs of Ch’thon. I managed to get nice 84 % chaos RR and very high lifesteal 28 %. With Abominable Might that is up around 70 % of the time (because of CDR) you have almost 330k DPS. I have also made similar aether spinner builds. The most similar to this one is the aether Templar which has no aether RR from classes also and aether damage support on Arcanist. When comparing both of them the chaos build is tankier yet despite more DPS and the same RR it kills slower because aether damage is just superior to chaos. This build does SR 65-66 relatively easily.

I have also other spinner builds here, here, here, here and here.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gkLOy2

I use two monster infrequent items - Valdaran’s Shoulderguards and Solael-Sect Legguards. You want bonuses to OA, DA and resistances. Crafting bonuses on weapons and amulet are to stun resistance.

image from the game with passive buffs + Blood of Dreeg


image from the game with passive buffs + Blood of Dreeg, Ascension and Abominable Might



nice DPS 220k - 330k

OK base OA - around 2850 OA (nice OA with Ascension - around 3100 OA)

up to 70 DA reduction to enemies from component

low critical damage 13 %

OK chaos resistance reduction from Eldritch Fire, Ravager’s Deathgaze, Mark of Ch’thon and Revenant - up to -84 %

damage from devotions - Revenant and Eldritch Fire


OKish life close to 12000 HP

OK DA - almost 2900 DA (Resilience increases it more)

up to 310 OA reduction to enemies from Dark Desires (skill from Rune), Bloody Pox and Annihilation

high lifesteal 28 %

OK CC resistances without Ascension with crafting bonuses to stun resistance (high CC resistances with Ascension)

capped disruption resistance from Possession

reasonably overcapped resistances

nice physical resistance 29 %

low armor - 1650

% reduced damage to enemies from Soulfire

% damage absorption from Possession

flat damage absorption from Ascension

poison, vitality and choas damage absorption from proc on boots

healing on standby from Blood of Dreeg

fumble and impaired aim from Oblivion

+3 to all max resistances (+7 with Resilience active)

lifesteal from Kilrian’s Flame


Prismatic Rage from component


This build does SR 65-66 relatively easily. No boss is a problem. I don’t push my characters higher but it can go higher if you are a skilled player. I don’t play Crucible so I don’t have a time number for it.

image from SR 66


How many 65-66 runs did you to reach this conclusion? Chaos builds are known to have problems with Reaper, especially ones with no resist reduction in mastery and no racial damage to Undead. I am curious how your build handles it.

I always do around 10 runs. I have 28 % lifesteal and damage absorption + damage reduction, nice phys res 29 % and less damage from undead. Reaper was not the toughest to kill but aetherial heroes were in SR 65-66. Don’t really get why… Maybe some bad rolls on items and mutators. I have more problems with Reaper on elemental builds than on those with chaos or aether which is strange as well.

You test the final version of every build for a couple hours each when you post multiple builds per day?

Most “normal” builds that aren’t made for novelty and are constructed without compromises, actual mastery synergies, RR, etc, will still encounter combinations of shit in SR that will make you basically just have to quit or keep throwing yourself at the boss room over and over like tom cruise in edge of tomorrow. There is either pharma at play here or exaggeration, and I don’t see pharma buff icon.

Honestly man not trying to bully you or anything. But I like to see assertions backed up if they aren’t making intuitive believable sense. Like this massive volume of offbeat builds you are posting which people here either haven’t bothered to try or didn’t stick with, because they are novelty concepts that come with inherent compromises by their nature… are working smoothly as claimed in very challenging content over many sample runs with no evidence? It doesn’t sound right to me.

The only reason I care strongly enough to break ranks and rock the boat here is because I don’t want fresh players getting misled into committing to a build and then finding it isn’t working as reliably as described.


Whatever… Here we go again. Accusing me of things… I use camera abuse in SR 65-66 but I find that to be legit. I wrote it somewhere else. I play only in ultimate that takes around 10 hours and I do around 10 SR runs. You can do that in two days easily. And I have lots of already played builds just waiting for posting from earlier. Now with corona slowdown I have a lot of time. But if you think I am posting shit then just don’t read it I don’t really care.

What is that exactly and how does it help you in SR? I have seen people commenting on aggro abuse or camera abuse and searched for it but couldn’t find a proper explaination, just it’s a bug issue.

Point camera away from the enemies it reduces their vision range and you can then more easily pull them one by one. But even with it sometimes you will pull more of them.

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@fordprefect I will add some additional information about this bug to make it more clear. Monster’s vision except their own depends of player’s vision. The less you see them, the less they see you. You can pull them with just rotating corners of your camera, not even moving. Zooming camera on your character decrease their vision even more. You can see example on video. Sorry for putting my video in another build thread, I want to show how it looks:

You may have around 99% consistency with it if you already have experience with normal boss vision. This 1% is usually because player’s mistake. No exaggeration. That’s why I avoid to use it in my build threads in 75-80 showcase runs, most playerbase have no idea about this trick and I do not want to bait anyone into inconsistent runs.


Thank you for the answers, interesting method but I probably never use it purposely. Now the build looks very cool but wouldn’t it better to use Voidsoul Visage to get some of those lightning damage converted to chaos?

I find that +1 to all skills and chaos RR better.

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I played in SR now few more runs just to be sure. Reaper is easy but takes time. Grava is easier and you kill him faster. Longest time from nemesis takes Benny but he is not dangerous. The toughest are healing aetherial heroes in 1-3 chunks. If you get couple of them in the same group they are unkillable. And they are the most dangerous for killing you as well in large group. Which is strange. This could happen on elemental builds but with chaos it is really strange.

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On the whole this build is a little weaker than my aether Templar and a bit stronger than my aether Shieldbreaker. The best of the spinners I have posted is by far the aether Oppressor. The lightning spinner is on par with this one.

I’m not accusing, I’m expressing skepticism at an unexpected report. This is not a personal attack. I emphasised that. I provided reasoning for my skepticism and also potential adverse effects if my skepticism is founded (which I would genuinely hope it isn’t btw). The last part is the reason why I didn’t just say nothing and move on.

It should go without saying that claims of build performance are fair game for questions if it is only the OP’s word to go by. I’m not naming specific forum members because the conversations were had in private, but there have been past examples of build posters caught being dishonest, so skepticism is not random.

Anyway, I have no intention of ever raising it again or shitting on any other threads. I just hate elephants in the room.

I guess it is what it is.

Also don’t forget that there is fumble and impaired aim on Oblivion relic skill.

I get it from certain perspective but I was already dealing with this many times here… There were already couple of responses from players of my builds in the threads. And although there were few them so far all were positive. I play non meta builds and try to be creative with building chars. But if you just look at the basic stats it should be obvious that this one is just fine. Though a bit inconsistent when playing it because of the huge jump in DPS from 220k - 330k.

And what is OK for a playthrough of SR is relative as well. For someone it is without dying and no camera abuse. For me it is doing it almost every time within the timer. And I don’t mind dying once or twice if it is finished on time. And player skills matter a lot as well. Maybe I am not a bad pilot. Hard to say.

Mostly I am questioning because melee chaos in SR is my wheelhouse and I know how it can just run into walls (like lee said reaper) despite otherwise farming with lightning speed. So to see a fun cobbled together concept rather than powergamey refined spec in this sphere reported to clear 65-66 reliably over 10 runs is, for me, cause to want to see a run or to question how many runs were actually attempted. Also in GD many specs that look good on paper end up failing in practise so I am cautious with getting confident of performance based on just sheet stats.

Look, I didn’t mean to bite too hard. I actually like the novelty of many of your concepts and read all the ones that I see. I’m not elitist expecting hyper optimised specs. We have people who do that well. I just have trouble putting stock into perplexing results on good faith and nothing else. That’s just in my nature.

Anyway, we’ve said our pieces.

Well this one is not fast in killing but Nemesis are not a problem. I don’t think I died with it in the boss room. Always in packs of mobs in chunks 1-3. Being slowed down or nulled is a death sentence often. Generally I don’t agree with that chaos kills fast. Aether kills fast. That is why I had my threads about chaos RR recently.

Ah I didn’t see the feedback thread until looking for it just now. I won’t go in depth because the discussion is better suited for over there, but enemies generally have lower chaos res compensating for scarce RR, and sources of chaos flat damage are immense, so it’s actually in a better spot right now than it used to be (if anything I think Aether has taken a back-seat with collateral damage from lightning nerfs).

Rah’zin WH is an ungodly dps monster. The issue arises with the few enemies that do in fact have high chaos res, since the RR paucity is exacerbated in those cases. That is why chaos can be so hot and cold imo. And is why I expect this mostly unconverted chaos eor will hit walls here and there.

That maybe true with Rah’zin. I never used it. But without it chaos is not great. Aether is the king for me of all damage types with normal builds (not counting unkillable vit casters or retal and pets).