[] Deathmarked reborn: Trickster + Blademaster, 5 mins Cruci, SR75+ cold DW melee

So Nightfall pays dividend even with no support gear? Who’d have thought! Really good idea to hybridize with SS. Also, I think you might have just nerfed it…

Can’t say I love that no flat rr devos but there’s no arguing it’s probably optimal for 3+4 crucible. But if you make it versatile with rr from devos, you lose shitload of oa and even more so if you lose the 1-season Anguish…

BTW what’s the cd on SS?

Cd is 2 sec. Trickster can be rebuilt with Gargoyle belt no problemo. BM will be hit hard.
There is a way to take Revenant without big stat losses.

You give up Ghoul and Amatok step though. For SR Ghoul is not so important.

Congrats on resurrecting Death Marked!

Just one thing - Chains of Anguish - its getting rightfully the shaft next patch - so maybe you can tweak the build with a gargoyle belt.

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4:42 was the best time I managed to get with the build (4:34 based on buff timers). I think Bat is the right way to go with the devotions, and I was using the green belt instead of anguish.


Will people stop saying cold is dead now? :nerd_face:

Also I should add that discussion of clear time itself as a meta defining figure is pointless without attaching the time to the strategy used (tribute spend). Sub 6 via the old way is still sub 6 the old way. Sub 5 the new way is not sub 5 the old way. (or in godly plasmo hands versus someone like me)

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They already did. Now they’re saying cold is dead unless converts from lightning. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This build is specifically designed for the new way.

Btw, what’s the difference between lvl2 beacon and lvl1 beacon? Is it really worth the satisfaction of being tribute sustainable? :wink:

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It’s huge, 12 RR difference. Makes the performance more consistent as well. Not sure if it’s more profitable than 4+3 time-wise but it has faster runs :smiley:

And since people already use unsustainable 4+4 i figured why not?

Damn, this is such an unorthodox angle for a classical melee build and it worked! I don’t like this belt and 2/10 Heart of the Wild (I think stacking hp is one of the Trickster’s strong suits beside damage) but damn, this works so well it seems! Gratz!


This is kind of close to what I was alluding to but I didn’t say in as many words. I think meta-creep is having a larger impact than power creep (aar aside). The playerbase is maturing in its mastery of the game moreso than elevated power levels relative to enemy power levels. Just my 2c anyway :nerd_face:

I’m guessing that using that as a basis for nerfs could, in turn, hurt new players who can’t compensate as well. Would that be a reasonable concern?

Good point. Banana squished out this trickster quite a bit to afford for that SS.

Perhaps, but not a concern that leaves me concerned, if that makes sense. Reason being that Z is very aware of these things and seems to balance conservatively most of the time. Demonslayer and Pyran, for example, were ludicrous performers at their peak and after many patches of consecutive nerfing each are still ridiculously good. The last nerf bat that I’d say erred on too heavy handed was bloodrager and the supporting gear, but given the initially weak power level of most of the newer sets since then (and the very gradual buffing of them with exception of pyran) I’d say lessons were learned, so it’s fine.

These kind of broader balance philosophy discussions and player skill vs power creep tend to derail threads so I’ll leave my opinions there, but just thought was worth weighing in briefly given the tail-end of the OP.

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Some folks have been saying Blademaster won’t work without this broken belt. So here is a 5:01 Crucible run with a Spellbreaker belt.

The purple belt is, of course, a little worse, it’s just a better run. But it gives some good flat pierce which is not wasted on this build with it’s +1.5k% pierce and 54% pierce RR.


Hi banana_peel, im new in the game and in the forum, also im not an english native so please be kind with my horrible english.

Can you please put the order of the skill to lvl up and devotion? I dont know which skill I must lvl first and which path I have to make in devotion area. I will love you if you can! :smiley:

Thx for this build! Looks awesome.
Saludos desde Uruguay//Greetings from Uruguay!

Hi and welcome to the forum! No worries, i’m not native too.

This is an endgame build that implies you already have most of recipes, and your status with the most important factions is close to be revered.

Sometimes people explain the leveling process in an endgame build post if the leveling has some quirks to it. But in this case there is nothing unusual, and explaining it would take unnecessary space.

What you are looking for is a guide for beginners. There are many of those on the forums, and Blademaster is one of the most common classes of choice for a beginner’s build (not sure about Trickster but you will probably find one as well). Here are some examples for Blademaster:

When you follow one of the beginner’s guides for the class you want and get a grip on the game mechanics (this is a useful thread for that) you will feel more confident to proceed to any endgame build such as this.

Just a couple of quick tips: melee builds are not very easy to level with the skills they’ll use in endgame. I suggest to max out the Phantasmal Blades line early on and later, when your character will grow some meat, respec the points into Savagery (Trickster) or Cadence (Blademaster) and WPS (upper line of Nightblade). Also don’t forget to max out Night’s Chill and Veil of Shadows as early as possible, it’s a very useful skill on every stage.

Aproaching the endgame you will find a very powerful two-hander called Spite (recipe is available at lvl94 at one of the factions). It will be very easy to reach lvl100 with it (using Phantasmal blades) and level all your skills in the devotion map.

For early devotions i suggest to buff your resists and stats and respec them later the way it is shown in grimtools.



Hey Banana, how would you do devos for cold melee WITH flar rr?

Hey! Like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25daGyN
Some gear may need to be switched around to fill the CC res gaps, maybe Amatok boots -> Magelord.

This setup, despite losing Ghoul and some phys res, is actually tankier thanks to more leech and Skeletons. But it’s slower.

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A little update on best times before the nerfs to celebrate new PC.

Trickster, 4:06

Blademaster 4:40

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Referenced nerfs being the expected storm banner nerfs and the acknowledged anguish bug fix?

Storm beacons nerfs. The belt isn’t required here as was shown, and it’s a fix, yes.