[] I Can't Believe It's Not AAR! - A collection of Tome of the Arcane Wastes builds (Elemental Deceiver, Aether Mage Hunter, Vitality Cabalist)

Once again i’m amazed of your imagination @Plasmodermic. These builds are very sick. Also im very surprised that the best of them is the vitality one


Hello sir i want to ask you where you found the tome of arcane wastes(im farming all day and i cant get it)

thanks you!!!

Its a random drop so why should it matter where he found it? Its just RNG :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum btw

Perhaps you can trade for it, see here Grim Dawn Legit Trading Threads I have four of them, so if you want I am willing to trade with you.

oh i see thank you…i didnt know im new to this game!
by the way can i get it from tyrant hold ventor who makes legendaries?

Tyrant hold smith is crafting only low level legendary items, you need to go tho blacksmith Bella Fald in AoM area, here: https://grimdawn.gamepedia.com/Tomb_of_Herald_Mathis

and regardless, it will not be worth it. Easier to just farm totems, rougelikes etc

Hi, I got question regarding Vitality Cabalist build.

How do You manage to add points to Oklaine’s Lantern and Rattosh the Veilwarden?

After putting points in all other constellations I’m still missing 3 points in Eldritch affinity and 1 point in Order affinity, and I can’t add any points to Oklaine’s and Rattosh. What I’m missing here?

Great build btw having a blast playing it!

@Classical_Bets :

Sailor guide
Solemn watcher
Remove blue
Remove hawk
Dying God

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