[] Nightbringer proc (or is it?) from Armor of the Eternal Night obstructs movement and causes numerous glitches and issues

I notice a drastic decrease of performance since the last few patches and increase in glitches and issues. Particularly, when playing the Morgoneth set. There are numerous issues:

  • decrease in movement and attack speed despite having no such debuffs
  • movement being obstructed by (what I think is) the portal from the Morgoneth set proc
  • unexplained fumbles and misses (with 3400/3900 effective oa and no fumble debuff) caused - I think - by being in the vicinity of the portal
  • general but drastic decrease is performance and playability of this build

Here’s an extreme example of the portal just locking me up in place until restart (still managed to clear 170, I hope this won’t result in further nerfs to Morgo lol). But other lesser issues happen all the time. (Please wait if you’re reading it now, the video might still be uploading)

In general, I think this proc should be reworked. Even if these issues only happen to a few players, this proc greatly reduces visibility even on max low graphic settings.

The video is private.

[edit] Ok. I thought maybe you’ve set to private by accident.

Please wait ten minutes (or 10 hours lol I’m in China), it’s still uploading…