[] Purifier in Stronghold of the Legion. 150-170 Without buffs. SR 85. Avatar 3m 10s and other super bosses

Hi everyone, I decided to remember the classic Purifire in the Stronghold of the Legion set. Very strong build and today. Shows excellent results Crucible without buffs and 85 SR + super bosses. About the head. I put on Okaloth’s Visage because it’s a chaos-to-fire conversion, attack speed, fire strike crit, flat damage to FS, and most importantly, it gives +2 to brimstone which makes them 20/12 and we get 7-8 fragments, instead of 6-8. Of course, the head from the Justicar Guard set is also very good and has a number of advantages. Therefore, in my opinion, it is the choice of each person that they will use. All build results are shown in the video below.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0Ly31V


150-170 Without buffs

Avatar 3m 10s

Lokarr 14s

Mad queen

Clones Of Bourbon

Grand Magus Morgoneth


SR 75-76 full run with no deaths

SR 85


Nice build. What crafting bonus should I get? And how much of a damage loss or difference is it if I use the Justicar helm anyway? I have Okaloth’s but i’m just curious.

You will lose 30% of the chaos from fragments, 7-8 fragmetns, you will also lose some damage from seal of the void and some damage from fire and brimstone

Hi, nice build, it will be my next build, I really like that AoE from Fire Strike

Nice take on this build Alex! Crucible bufless and SR 85 are great achievements, especially for ranged build.

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BTW word of pain for leveling or fire strike?? I am kinda new to the game

Do you have a video of taking Crate down ?

Leveling with fire strike plus Inquisitor WPS works very well.

Check out this thread.

and the thread by Nery linked therein.


Is there anything to change for