[] Reap Spirit and devotions proc inconsistency

Hello, so I noticed some weirdness with the Reap Spirits while testing a pet build.

Everyone seems to say that the Wraiths can’t proc devotion skills, only the actual spell. But there seems to be an edge case I noticed while testing the Wraiths at a dummy.

I had the Wraiths summoned and attacking a dummy and then went to set the devotion I had planned for the skill, Eye of Korvaak in this case. After which the wraiths happily procced the aoe ability from the devotion.

So what seems to be going on is. When binding a devotion to Reap Spirit, any existing Wraiths at this moment can proc the ability, but any that are summoned later cannot. (So easiest to test with Diviner set’s increased duration on the wraiths.)

On a later test just before writing this the wraith’s could also proc Shepherd’s Call on themselves, which could lead to the buff double dipping for them by providing the player with the pet buff and the Wraiths themselves the OA buff.

Can we have some consistency for this to either:
a) have the Wraiths proc abilities like other pets which likely needs some changes on what abilities work in case of buffs such as Shepherd’s.
b) have the Wraiths not proc them at all. (I had the Will of Rattosh on the Reap Spirit earlier with a Spellbinder which was not very visible on the proc so I just partly assumed the Wraiths would proc it and finding out they can’t was rather jarring.)
or (mostly joking)
c) have us get a way to toggle a devotion bind from the hotbar so I can exploit this in combat situations.