[] Sentinel of the Three Witchblade CR 4:30-5:00/ 105sr with Fevered Rage/ Humilated celestials -> Ravager 25 sec + Callagadra 31 sec + Crate ~1 min

Hello, because of Forgotten Gods anniversary Zantain made a decision to revieve old retaliations. First I made meme-like build for killing superbosses as fast as possible but then it became one of the fastest retaliations in history not only versus celestials but in crucible either. It can go very deep in SR. Nerfs are expected next patch/hotfix so I suggest not to follow this build.

Huge thanks for @banana_peel for doing his great 170 run!

Crucible and superbosses setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPEjdBN
SR setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1lvR72 -> just more resistances cover and some more DA, can go aswell celestials and crucible fast.

We convert massive acid retaliation from Sentinel of the Three set using Ugdenbon Girdle and Targo helmet, we need as much conversion value as possible, then our damage become much more absurd than it was at FG beginning.

@banana_peel ~4:30 run 150-170cr

My run 5:04 with no crucible experience, I’ve just killed everything what showed on my screen

SR 105 with Fevered Rage (I didn’t use it only vs Valdaaran because no way to kill him with it without even more kiting). 110 without fevered rage and defense oriented devotion tree should be possible.

Ravager 25 seconds

Callagadra 31 seconds

SR 80 full room of not hard meelehitting bosses for fun (fevered rage either)

Crate boss ~1 min (with sr setup)




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Congratz on the strongest build in the game.

Phys is the weakest non-retal dmg type and S&B is the weakest non-retal build archetype. So this state of things is metaphorically “retaliated” into a monster among retaliation builds.

That’s why we love this game.

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@Dmt looks like something went wrong during typing values for balance :rofl:

@arcane_undo I was trying Sentinel, it can’t survive with fevered rage. Even my 35 seconds Ravager with clasical physical items (much more tankier) had like 10% consistency vs him, not even mention how bad it could be in crucible or sr. But try it, maybe you will do it better than me so I am looking forward for results!

@banana_peel Thanks! I think except set, first Fevered Rage should be changed for retaliation, like some penalty. Without it build is not as strong.

3 parts set were existing but this patch it’s just more worth to use full set and conversion for physical builds. I think I’ve even wrote in some of your build’s topic that 4 parts +targo/rare belt seems be strange strong after this patch.

Absolution should stay at it is imo, problem is in buffed set and in some way from Witchblade tankyness so it can survive with fevered rage and bosses just kill themselves.

I agree retaliations should stay tanky, it’s their identification - slow turtle build who doesn’t care about anything.


I think it’s time to remove racial damage from Sanctified Bone and Anatomy of the Murder!


I just realised i forgot to put the diamond into the helm for Crucible :smile:

Oh well, it only affects survivability here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Added Crate boss fight, took around 1 min with fevered rage too, wasn’t really speedrunning, just 1 attempt because was curious if it can die too. It can easy.


Same as my friend. 24s & 32s

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Haha looks like everyone is playing this set now :sweat_smile: He killed him 1 second faster, rng or similar build? Could you post gt link?

he didn’t post GT link yet. I ask him later

Ah cccsennn, I saw his channel in like 1.1.4 but can’t find it now in your videos site, I remember there were a lot of great builds with leveling guides included. I think guys here were writing somewhere he was one of the best builders here in old times with crazy superbosses times. Can you send me his channel in PM if he doesn’t want to make it public?

Really good post, much respect for everyone involved! Love you guys’ effort, honesty, transparency and sacrifice finally showing the true power of retaliation in all its glory.
Now it can finally get nerfed properly :hammer:


heh, maybe conversion is the ticket?

Try some fevered rage on HC vs Grava’thul, I will give you a cookie if you dodge his nullify without animation :scorv:

@Boromonokli It’s all about conversion, going from some halfass belt with 50% into 60% improved ravager time from 39 seconds into 25. And grinding in gd stash for one hour for almost perfect rolls).

Buff all builds to be like this and this build is no longer broken. :scorv:

I predict Counter Strike mods on the set and maybe the skill itself being nerfed, mainly because it seems to be the thing that is allowing Warlord/Witchblade to deal so much damage. Combined with the fact that Sentinel is nowhere as consistent, even though it has double physical RR, just makes it seem Counter Strike has a lot of the blame here since Sentinel doesn’t have that skill, for obvious reasons.

*If all builds are broken, it’s called Diablo 3. We don’t wanna end up there…

Sentinel is less consistent because of survivality mostly, witchblade is way tankier. Set itself is problem and fevered rage, some penalty for retaliation vs fevered enemies should be made imo.

I am looking forward to see chinese version, our kill times are similar so maybe combine ideas will result in even faster times :scorv:

I use shield bash to apply 15% reduced target resistances from Essence of cthon, I guess at least 100% weapon damage to apply full value is necessary to it - or I am wrong and I’ve just wasted one skill slot. However Mark of myrmidon seems interesting idea with its more flat retal (for 8 seconds but maybe will do the difference in short boss fight), gonna try it later.

That is correct. Brutal Shield Slam has a cooldown though and because Essence of Chthon has a chance to apply that resistance reduction, you can get unlucky and take several attempts to apply it. And there’s a three seconds delay between each attempt.

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