[] The Amarastan Crusher! Spam ABB DW Melee Cold Infiltrator


So Amarastan Crusher weapon allows you to spam ABB (Amarasta Blade Burst) skill. Your logical choice is Acid Witch Hunter or Dervish build but I have something different in mind - Cold DW spam Infiltrator. To be honest build turn out to be better than I expected…


  • pic with permanent buffs and Deadly Aim, sheet DPS for ABB

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYokK4V

Infiltrator vs Witch Hunter:

I tried them both with similar configuration, WH looks better on paper and have whooping 20% more attack speed, a crucial stat but it trails to the good old Infiltrator both offensively and defensively. Casting CoF for RR is real cancer on this build and you have less critical damage, DA and health.

Also something is weird about ABB spam. Even close to 200% attakc speed you don’t feel the difference :thinking:

Core Gear:

The core items are the one with skill mods to ABB - Crusher allowing spamming, Olexra’s Chill for converting acid damage to cold, Conduit increasing ABB AoE area and Gloves with crit damage bonus and ofc the MI items. Head is Gargoyle Gaze, which can be farmed in FG content are and medal is Ilgorr for the sweet ABB WD mod. Both of my green items are with one rare affix.


Belt is up to debate, nice rolled Gargoyle one can be BiS. Rings are cheap crafted Elemental ones, Shoulders are Silver Sentinel, also very common ones converting Acid to Cold damage on Lethal Assault (Separate skill from ABB) and Yugol devotion. Relic is Nemesis for attack speed and +1 Nightblade mastery.

  • Crafts are mixed for Slow&Stun


My goal was to get significant boost to Attack Speed, since my Olexra Weapon have none. So took for that Revenant, Spider, Lantern and Jackal. Triple Cold devotion procs with Ultos, Yugol and Blizzard. Ghoul for defense is present.


Build is doing nice damage killing most foes in the flash, I even will not pick Seal for Crucible or for campaign to allow free movement and Shadow Strike in enemies. Completed 9 out of 10 runs in Crucible. Kuba is pain for any cold melee build, Grava is very dangerous, needs to be killed first and wave 169 requires some focus. My average times are perhaps slightly over 6. Here’s my fastest run of 5:40!

In SR I took Seal (as you can see the in the video) in expense of points in Anatomy of Murder. Did 75/76 successfully, although build can barely beat it, definitely not the same monster as in Crucible. I even suffer shameful death in boss chunk :sweat_smile:

Video from SR 76:


nice nice, the video proof of SR 75 is showing the same gladiator run, should be this video instead I think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL51qhu3NIA also you use Inq Seal there which is not reflected in the GT. Which skills did you subtract point from to put in Inq seal instead? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for correcting this mistake, SR video is now added.

In SR video there’s GT beneath showing the configuration with Seal:


  • 8 points from Anatomy of Murder removed
  • 4 points from Dual Blades
  • 1 point from Word of Renewal changed to Arcane Empowerment.

For SR I was playing in GT with Gargoyle Belt+Scales+Yugol, that should provide more solid results deep shards.

Ayyy! We’re Amarastan Blade Bros! Now all it needs is a pierce version to round out all the nightblade damage types.

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Amarasta’s gang :slightly_smiling_face:

Pierce is an idea, may try it.

Sick results for this meme weapon. Faster than some legit DW-melees, lol.

One thing that I would test here is pumping Elemental Awakening and Merciless Reportoire for dem mad Frostburn ticks. I think Nightfall is not doing much for you here same as NJE, you are not banana to utilize superfast SS movement.

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It’s good result considering that ABB can’t trigger WPS skills, the strongest part of Nightblade mastery.

Not sure if few extra ranks in Merciless Repertoire/Awakening can compensate for AoE damage and life steal from Nightfall. Also I don’t have better options fro triggering Revenant.

well, you don’t convert vitality to cold and even if you need to proc Revenant that badly you can leave NJE at 12-12 but put Nightfall as one pointer. It’s just this build screams high frostburn dots imo.

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Without helmet how bad does it suck?

I tried so hard to make this weapon work on acid WH couldn’t do it but I got a lot of this gear except helmet and conduit and medal.

Helmet is MI, it shouldn’t be too hard to farm. Medal is from Ilgorr in SoT, should be even easier.

I tried Acid WH as well, but helmet actually will not fit there. You can either go 3 pieces of Venomblade set or use Venomancer helmet and chest.

Acid WH can skip conduit and use Pestilence of Dreeg. Medal can be Lethal Intents(faction MI recipe).

Super creative build, I love it. I’ve been wondering how to lower cooldown on cold ABB for ages and failed… and you just did it, wow.

Have you looked at venomancer helm? https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8127
The extra wep damage is no joke. If I did my math right, you’re doing about ~170%, this bumps you up to ~200% per hit.

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Yes Venomancer is an option, although 140 flat with huge % modifier is no joke either.

For Acid Version Venomancer with other gear allows you to offset all the WD penalty from Amarastan Crusher. I tried some acid version with 200k sheet DPS.

Btw my WD is 210% if you don’t count - total damage modifier.