[] The ATV - Aetherfire Templar Vanquisher

Congrats on your first posted build!

It’s always nice to see new builders in this forum! And BTW that’s pretty extensive and thorough guide.

Thanks Nery!

I just submitted it to the build compendium, hope it gets posted soon.

I’ll second what Nery said - that’s one hell of an amazing first post.

Congrats on your first post!

Couple of little pieces of advice if you don’t mind:

  • It doesn’t make sense to take 10th point in Conversion. But it does make sense to take 7th point in Mirror, 5th in Nullification and 5th in Resilience. That’s where breakpoints are after which the diminishing returns kick in.
  • It’s definitely worth it to level Arcanist line till Fabric of Reality to grab that Racial damage bonus. You need it as a fire build with single RR. Skull in chest would also up your damage a lot as long as you can manage armor absorption
  • It also makes a lot of sense to invest into Spirit as an Arcanist. It’s a huge damage gain with almost no costs to survivability as long as you arrange your augments and components correctly. Here is a rough sketch https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl16eoZ. You can tweak it according to your green items rolls, but putting Ravager’s Eyes in weapon/off-hand and investing in Spirit is almost always more gains than using any other kind of augments.


I guess I will have to pick up the gauntlet and make a whirlwind barb then. :smirk:

Hey mad_lee, thanks for the advice! I completely forgot that Conversion doesn’t have a breakpoint at its softcap, so I’ll definitely probably be taking a point out for Resilience. I don’t really want to go any lower than that though, since I’m already barely undercapped for freeze/slow resistance.

I’m not entirely sold on Fabric of Reality though. That’s spending 9 skill points for a 4% racial against Aetherials/Chthonics if we were to put 1 point into it. Putting more points into it makes it better for the points that we spend but I’m not sure where I could pull 18 points from in this build.

Also I’ll try to see if I can get some videos of superboss runs sometime soon. No Mog though, since I already killed him. :frowning_face:

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It’s not only small racial damage (which is still very welcome, especially on a singler RR Fire build and against Chtonians) but also more raw stats that synergize well with Spirit investment. Just take a look at the rough sketch I made there.

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Sorry still getting used to using the forum, how do I reply with quotes like you did?

I did take a look at the build sketch that you made, and I think this might just be a difference of opinion between us. The 8 points in Arcanist mastery gives us about 50 spirit which is about ~25% damage. I just don’t think 9 points is worth 50 spirit and a tiny bit of racial damage however, but then again I also tend to build very defensively, maybe excessively so.

Also I’m curious, what do you mean when you say that the build has a single RR? We get RR from lots of difference places, both on gear and on the tree as well.

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He means single mastery source of RR. (because you have arcanist)

Armor and cc resistances are over-invested in at the cost of resistances and damage. By using Ravager’s Eyes, new jewelry augments, Scaled Hide on the pants and resistance augments instead of 4xDreeg’s Omen, you can take Lion and Dryad instead of Crane and 4th and 5th in Menhir (for non-shield builds more than 3 in Menhir is a terrible waste). That way you got more everything including what’s most needed: phys res and heals.

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Welcome to the forums! To quote someone, just select the passage you want and click the little box prompt that pops up right below it.

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Thanks everybody for the feedback! I like the idea of Lion + Dryad, especially since I don’t have anything bound to CT at the moment. I’m testing it out at the moment, and even though it’s low level, it feels pretty good to use due to the 100% proc chance from binding it to CT. Spirit dump felt pretty good when I was testing Cally as well, and I didn’t really feel any squisher than usual.

Also it turns out that I didn’t do Barrowholm on Elite, so I can probably test Ravager and Ravager’s Eye eventually. Just gotta grind out the rep.

Finally a build that gimme motivation to make a new character O.O
Nicely done mate

Thanks Candyyy! I’ve updated the build with a guide and videos for each of the superbosses, excluding Crate. I’m not the best pilot by any means, but hopefully this should give people an idea of what to do for these fights.

EDIT: I also made some adjustments to the build. Notably, I swapped out Runeguard Greaves for Wyrmscale Footguards. No phys resist unfortunately, but we make up for it with Lion + Dryad and the OA/DA + damage are nice. On top of that, the stun resist from Wyrmscale means that we can drop Conversion to 5/10 and still be close to stun capped even without crafting bonuses. After playing around with different skill setups, it turns out that putting points into Arcanist and Fabric of Reality actually is the best thing we can do, so I’ve updated the guide to reflect that.

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Looks much much better now if you have any kind of OA/DA rolls on your greens. Glad my advice worked.

Nice to see another Thraddash build, even if I’ll probably never play any of them.

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Nice build and well explained

I had a Templar in the 90s and some of the Vanq set so after seeing this a few days ago I thought I would try it, completed my vanq set, got a kuba’s legs and pulled a zarthuzellan’s from stash. It’s been great 90% of the time so thanks for the great guide to a refreshing playstyle, and it rivals my vit ritualist for off/def balance for the most part, however I am completely stonewalled by Rashalga in SR and noticed you don’t include her in superboss strats (she is generally harder than lokarr and clone imo). I haven’t tried Rash in campaign with the build but whenever she pops up in SR65+ she is a nightmare, she takes minimal damage from fire trails and staying in her line-of-sight more than a few seconds is an OHKO from her spike projectiles. Mirror doesn’t last long enough to build up multiple trails on top of her or get in a judgement/tempest before getting creamed so I save it for times I step into LOS (which happens fairly frequently due to her crazy speed). Do you have issues with her in SR yourself? This build handle’s other notorious Nemeses in SR better than a lot of non-tank builds, but rash’s speed and penchant for changing direction when being kited around terrain make her a real problem for me. She’s not impossible by any means but I feel like a cal/mog length fight with one-shots on a single SR boss before even SR70 should be fixable somehow. Do you have any advice before I start messing with anything major on the build?

I forgot about Rashalga when writing the superboss guide, thanks for the reminder. I’ll add this part to the guide when I’m done.

With Rashalga, it’s mostly about knowing how to fight her. The main thing to worry about is the big red aura which heals her and shoots out spikes like crazy while she’s under a fire trail. It lasts 5s and she will only ever use it while you are in melee range or close to melee range, so you can bait it out. Afterwards, you have a ~7s window where you are free to drop CT/Judgment and lay down some fire trails. I find it helps to keep count in your head so you can know roughly when to engage without having to get close to look at her. EDIT: Also pay attention to the mutators, since some of them might reduce her cooldowns which will make your damage window shorter.

You can also kite her Cally/Rav style and keep your distance, which will take a lot longer but is also much safer. If you plan on doing it that way, you should swap out Aetherfire with Eldritch Fire before the fight for more RR while kiting. She rarely shows up in SR, but you can always hover over the boss icons on the minimap to see if she’s there or not.

You don’t really need to change any gear for this fight, but if you want to play it safe you can always swap out M. Volcanum for M. Mark of Divinity which should prevent you from getting shotgunned by the aura projectiles.