[] The Succulent Sucker - 5:50m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shards 70-71 Chillwhisper Reaper caster [c+][sr][vid]

Thanks for AWESOME build! This is very fun and powerful :smiley: I have a some question.
I tried wearing this Off item( https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12600 ) during the game, but the damage increase rate was quite high. Is it a bad choice compared to existing items? ( Sry I’m newb… :frowning: )
I would be very grateful if you would reply me when you have time :laughing:

Thanks, will add this to the op. Ravenous Earth is a nice twist, but seems to be very close in performance to Ring of Steel version.

Not a bad choice, just not the best. Definitely usable before you find Speaker for the Dead off-hand.

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Thanks a lot ! :smiley:

I can’t figure out how to equip the pants with the physique requirement of 927.

Some gear was crafted for %physique as adviced below grimtools link :slight_smile:


OK Thanks, I stashed the belt to get enough physique, all the other gear I already had legit, except for the helm + medal which I had Angrim craft.

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update for


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Thanks for the update! Would you use the same build in SR? I find this build is a bit on the squishier side and fairs better in crucible than SR so was wondering if you had any thoughts.