[] Exploring with Augur - Dedicated Heals, Regen, ADCTH for the team: An Experiment

So, I’ve been having fun in grimtools playing around with the new Augur set (mythical Apothecary). Here is a dedicated healer build that I’ve theorycrafted, but not yet trialled. The build provides massive healing, regen and attack damage converted to health to yourself and nearby allies. Below is a complete list of the details. Also, the build has 32k hp, so that’s fun. :wink:

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zx51aZ

With all buffs up:

For your team - Healing, Regen, Attack Damage Converted to Health:
896 base regen + 136% regen to all nearby teammates
12% Attack Damage Converted to health
Healing Rain for 10% + 700 hp
Apothecary’s Touch for 14% + 900 hp
Wendigo Totem for 5%+560 hp 2x per second
Empyrion’s Touch for 5%+750 hp
Menhir’s Bastion gives 15% hp + 20% damage absorption
Bysmiel’s Authority gives 10% + 700 hp + 20% attack speed, 20 reduced resistances to enemies
Word of Renewal gives 23%+1650 HP.

Other Buffs:
1045 + 31% Health
Inquisitor Seal for 190 damage absorption.
+8% OA to teammates
+164 OA to teammates
+439 DA to teammates
+15% Physical Resistance
+19.5 energy + 55% energy regen
30% Elemental Resists, +35 chaos resist, 42% pierce resist, 63% aether resist
13% Less Damage from Chthonics and Eldritch

Reduces enemy damage by 24%, and elemental damage by 33%
Reduces enemy DA by 250
Wide AOE Confuse procs with Horn of Gandarr and Shimmering Splendor.

In my experiences with making support builds (I’ve made a few really successful ones), healing alone often isn’t enough to support a team. The team members often lack damage mitigation, typically in the forms of physical resistance, defensive ability, damage absorption, and reduction to enemy damage. My strongest all-rounder support build provides a huge list of buffs (OA, DA, resists, damage absorp, great heals, about 35% physical resistance to teammates etc).

This build is different; it presumes that teammates will have at least some damage mitigation already, but provides them with so much raw regen, healing and attack damage converted to health, that I’m hoping it can convert a team of fairly powerful standalone characters into an undying steamroller in top end crucible :wink:



This is awesome man! Cant wait to test this out with my friends! Thanks for sharing this. Im so pumped about Augur set, only have the gloves so far. Farming daily for the other pieces. Looking forward to building this!

EDIT: The only main thing I see that I may do differently is not have left mouse button for the Horn. Ive tried this in the past and its extremely clunky due to you will stop and blow the horn often times when enemies are beyond its area of effect. It can also otherwise accidentally interrupt your movement. Same with ranged attacks. For this kind of build id probably make left mouse button “force move”, and maybe put horn or attack on right mouse button.

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For sure, I’d expect anyone to set up their quickslots however feels natural to them :smiley:

Let me know how you go with the build, I’m yet to trial it :slight_smile:

Thanks Jawa!

In my opinion, support builds are actually unnecessary in GD. When you have characters who can solo all content, they clearly don’t need to be supported.

But I think it’s more interesting to foster a sense of teamwork. If one of the builds is dedicated to support, then it frees up the other builds to be more solely focused on damage or something; they don’t need to be balanced for damage and survivability, they are freed up to become specialists.

I really like support builds for another reason - joining games with less experienced players or builders, to empower them to do all the killing and surviving while I just stand nearby to assist. It’s warming to see their strategies change mid fight when they realise they’ve basically become immortal :wink: It’s literally a morale boost for the player :smiley:

For the record, this gives 20 RR to allies, applied through their Weapon Damage. This distinction is important because it means the uptime on it is far more than 2s/30s, and is instead about (15+2)/30s assuming you/your allies have a source of a 100% Weapon Damage attack somewhere.

Nice build!

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