[] Luminari Godkiller: Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra, Crucible 5:45/5:25m, SR65/75 Belgothian Infiltrator/Blademaster

Yah atm i’d also choose offense as much as I could (although I wouldn’t go for Barbaros on my build cause i don’t have Warcry while you use seal. So too little hp is kinda weird). Pretty sure i’ll need Warcry in FG:)

Dude. Get one point into transmuted PB.

Pretty sure he doesn’t want to spam phantasmal blades :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways build doesn’t need it, imo 6/12 pneuma means he doesn’t wanna use it often.

Right. I forget the 2 have the same acronym. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pneumatic burst is such a good heal though. You cut its cooldown by 5s with just 1 point. How is that not worth it?

EDIT: Also, AFAIK, casting it doesn’t have interrupt attack flow

Dunno about lee but for me it just induces bad habits cause I press pneumatic every cd instead of when I need it.

Congratulations for finally posting this build! Love it.
Can I add a reference to it into my Gladiator guide?

It’s a good skill point investment, unfortunately build doesn’t have any points to spare :slight_smile:

Plus I don’t rely on heals in this build except in Ravager fight where I use this transmuter.

Yes, man, sorry, did not have time to translate my builds for Russian compendum. You can add all of them :slight_smile:

It’s not Compendium … for now. I need this build as an example for my Gladiator’s Guide.
Btw, you don’t need to translate them, just fill the form. Most of these questions are made as triggers, click-click and you’re good.

Added avideo of Gargabol fight. First stage I messed up and stepped around him for some reason, but second stage took about 6 seconds. Could be faster, it’s all RNGesus blessing us with more execution procs or cursing with 3 whirling deaths in a row versus single target.

^Total fucking beast. 8:50 170 clear, unbannered.

God damn. Thanks for the piloting job!

On one hand, I am happy that you did it that fast, it proves that my build is much better in better hands (even pm’ed a mod to change a title). On the other hand, 40 seconds difference with my run, and I played it like million times, while it was one of your first tries. Means I suck so much ass as a pilot :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding it to the guide.

I think you just suck in general, lee. :rolleyes:


Good thing I always keep some ice in my freezer, gonna use it for dem burns.

Jokes aside - one of the smoothest (if not the smoothest) build I’ve ever played.

Well fucking done. You can really feel the polishing which went into it.

Awesome build! I am a noob that has been looking for a good build to play (and work towards) and this is definitely “the one”. I appreciate the leveling guide as well since most builds have a full end game setup with no info on how to get there.

Guess this is what my Belgothian set’s going to then, and soon, Ravager will fall to my blades :3

This build looks incredible! And like so much fun! Thank you for all your hard work and effort. I am going to make this character. I am not completely new but I am still very much a beginner. And with that I have a question: would you happen to be able to recommend an early-on devotion path? I will probably be leveling as Nightblade early on, with Lokarr set for bonuses and resistances, if that matters.


I always level devotions that I need for the build itself. So just level Assasin’s Mark then Blades of Wrath then Ghoul then Living Shadows.

As for leveling tips, you can level as Nightblade melee till level 50 (like exploit two swords + Night’s chill). After level 50 I suggest equipping two Crescent Moon axes (they are level 50) with Cold Stones, and playing as Shadow Strike Build with an addition of WPS and Inquisitor’s Aura of Censure (and Night’s Chill). With that you are going to rip thru main campaign in Lokkar’s set till you are level 94.

Awesome! Much appreciated advice/reply. I’ll do this. Currently I’m just running around putting points in whatever since it’s Veteran and doesn’t really matter, but I’ve been looking for days for a beastly melee build (and finding a lot, but none really pulled me in completely such that I just had to go create it) and really enjoy the idea of Nightblade, so I’m glad I stumbled upon your Infiltrator. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Okay, seriously, this build puts everything else I’ve ever tried to shame. My last character was DaShiv’s Night King and it was and is excellent, but as far as non pet builds go, goddang this rocks. Just in case anyone is curious about its performance at low level/as a newer player. Not enough props in the world for this guy.

This build does so much dps compared to what I’m used to that its like playing the game on fast forward!