[] Caustic Rebuke: 5:20m Crucible Gladiator, SR 90, 45 seconds Ravager retaliation caster Sentinel [sr+][c+][vid]


This is my second venture into the realm of retaliation builds. That’s pretty much all that I wanted to say in this section. Check all of my builds here.

The Build

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<<<< Ravager’s spec Grimtools >>>>

Questions asked with a certain degree of acidity

How consistent is the build with Fevered Rage?
Pretty consistent once you get a grasp of it. You can always turn it off though.
What about green amulet - Ronaprax Sting? Or good old Pestilence of the Dreeg?
I have tested the build with a green amulet initially and I felt like it was the worst option out of three. Pestilence is great but build stops being consistent with it unfortunately. And Conduit is just a bit slower


Found this combination of gear to be the most balanced one. Skills (some) can be redistributed differently if needed. For leveling check leveling guides on this forum. This is an endgame build and works as advertised once you equip all the items/skills/devotions at character level 100


Remember, you can always turn off Fevered Rage for a calmer and safer gameplay.
In Crucible everything is facetankable but be extra careful with Mad Queen and with Anasteria.
In Shattered Realm farming 75-76 with Fevered Rage is a lot of fun. Higher Shards can be conquered without Fevered Rage.


General with Ascension up

Retaliation damage with all the procs up



romanN1’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:54 run

5,5 seconds Mad Queen kill

Supertolik’s 4:46 Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run

My 5:00 Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run

Shards 75-76 8:58 run (one death)

Shard 90 boss room (few deaths, no Fevered Rage)

Alkamoshater’s Ravager’s 45 seconds kill (with Fevered Rage)

Alkamoshater’s Ravager’s 1:38 seconds kill (no Fevered Rage)

In Conclusion

I want to thank @AlkamosHater for helping me fine-tune Ravager’s spec and recording videos of the kills and @supertolik for recording a video of his Crucible run. It’s time to nerf Cyclone set again.


That’s our kind of man


Huh, cool. I didn’t expect this. Usually sentinel is posted as a super tanky HC build.

I am assuming the low sheet OA even adding seal of annihilation and vulnerability debuffs afterwards is fine because of fevered rage? I never really played around with fevered rage, is there an established ballpark for OA that works well with it in this kind of content? Like ~2700 range instead of ~3k range is enough? (based on this build?)

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Great build, I had pleasure to test it, gameplay is really colorful and dynamic what is pretty rare for retaliations. Ravager’s version after swapping some auguments and components for cover resistances can be turned into super tank for rest content too.

Ps. Ravager with fevered rage is 45 seconds - 0:03-0:48 :wink:

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Finally Sentinel of three… Sentinel and not Warlord or Witchblade or classless??? :ok_hand:

interesting approach and great results! Since I don’t know anything about retal, will end my comment here :sweat_smile:


Overwhelming damage, but difficult to control survivability in naked runs.


Not before static strike :rofl:

Storm Totem: Reduced electrocute damage to 0

Btw set of the Three wasn’t touched on the acid side in none of the recent patches, yes? Only the synergy with conversion to phys was nerfed, correct?

Yeah. They also put the acid to phys conversion on targo to the chestpiece so phys sentinel set retal won’t get high conversion.

It doesn’t really need OA since none of the procs are on crit and build’s crit damage is insignificant. Most of the damage comes from monsters breaking their faces trying to hit you at 150% speed buff from Fevered Rage.

This is simply unacceptable, Zantai. Can we give this one like flat absorb aura and give Cindertouch gloves some kind of negative conversion?

Yeah, I mean, it’s a legitimately balanced set, not that pesky op Cyclone.

Ah ok. Thx for explanation :slight_smile:

Another job well done. Very consistent between 5.00-5.30.

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Thanks for the vid! Gonna add it to the op.

Hey is this build viable for HC?

For HC I would definitely turn off Fevered Rage tho.