[] Edgyswingsetacid - DW Righteous fervor Dervish [SR 90] [5.20 crucible] [Avatar, Ravager]

thank you so much. Just wondering have this character been uploaded for download?

no, but I can upload, if you want it.

if its ok with you haha (:

_Venomancer (s).zip (1.4 MB)

thank you so much

What about perdition gloves and shoulder,I think they provide more armor,OA and reduced stun duration.

How do you manage to get 200K DPS ? I copied everything you did, but I can’t go further than 100K…

sorry for the late reply, for some reason forum decided to not inform me about your comment.

About your question:
The are worse because: 1) No AS on gloves. 2) No phys res on shoulders. 3) skills bonuses are redundant. 4) No slow res
All aforementioned overweights OA (which is not needed), armor (because no 100% absorption) and stun res.

that’s strange
can you show me please your GT link?
and by the way, DPS is shown for your LMB skill.

He probably checks it without RF, ABB, Ascension, PB activated, mine haven’t completed yet even with this setup I have 100k sheet dps https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoJn1zV

Nice build btw :slight_smile:

Updated for

Even more damage, even less OA and 0% crit damage.

Crucible video:

SR videos:
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Here is another take on the build, with AA/WPS focus:


added your version to the head.

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Hey. How do you get enough life steel on this build?

It has %18 adcth, %190 as and very good weapon damage on spam skill, how much more do you need?

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What’s a good rotation of skills to use or leveling guide for this build?

here’s the leveling guide:

Hey how good is this build in HC?

Leveled it on HC, was pretty easy.
No idea about the final spec though.